January 28, 2023

Biden Uses Viral Ye and Alex Jones Interview In order to Push More Censorship

Biden attacks ‘political leaders’ for allegedly giving antisemitism a platform

Sleepy Joe Biden issued a tweet on Friday seeming to call out Ye Western for his recent comments and Alex Jones for hosting the famous rapper during his Thursday broadcast.

Biden wrote, “ I just want to make a few details clear: The Holocaust occurred. Hitler was a demonic number. And instead of giving it the platform, our political market leaders should be calling out plus rejecting antisemitism wherever it hides. Silence is complicity. ”

Covering this particular new development on Friday, Jones exposed Biden’s “ silence” when it comes to locking people down in Covid quarantines, the deadly Covid shots, Chinese slave camps, human being trafficking, cutting off the Keystone Pipelines, and a slew associated with other massive issues.

Regarding Hitler as being a “ demonic figure, ” Jones agreed with Biden and disagreed with West’s praise of the genocidal master.

However , the puppet president is obviously taking advantage of the controversial interview in order to gain more control over political discourse in America because Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter threatens the elite’s monopoly on information.

“ I want to make a few things clear, ” Jones told the audience Friday. “ I don’t rely any life over another, whether it’s a black individual, a brown person or a white person. Whether it’s a Muslim or whether it’s a Christian or an agnostic. ”

“ My only beef plus concern with the Hollywood sector and the holocaust centers plus school kids being taken on tours about it is certainly that’s great. Can we have some communist genocide or even holocaust museums about communists killing 200 million individuals in the last hundred years? Because I believe Hitler did kill millions and millions of Jews. Nobody knows the real numbers but he had the final solution in 1943. He put the orders in order to take people out of the forced labor camps and kill them! It’s in the freakin orders. They had trials, is actually called Nuremberg! ”

For full context regarding the wildly enjoyable Jones-West conversation, watch the whole interview below:

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