January 28, 2023

Calhoun’s “Mouse Utopia” Experiments Are Now Coming True For Mankind as Self-Annihilation, Infanticide and Gender Distortions Become Commonplace

Individual society has come to strikingly resemble the self-annihilation tendencies from the mice

In the 1960’s, a scientist named John Calhoun created a “ mouse utopia” where populations of rodents would enjoy everything they will needed, essentially without effort: Unlimited food, water, living space, population growth without predators and so on.

It started along with eight mice, who started to reproduce quickly, enjoying their newfound “ utopia” along with unlimited resources. Within four years, however , the population had become extinct through self-annihilation  even though all the assets it needed for survival were readily available , including ample space to live.

What happened to Calhoun’s rodents? He repeated the test multiple times using mice plus rats. Each time the outcome was your same:   Extinction   within 1588 days. (Populations began to failure at around 560 times, for reasons discussed below. )

What we are witnessing in the world today, right this moment, with the self-inflicted annihilation of humankind, almost perfectly displays observations from Calhoun’s “ mouse utopia” experiments. Except now, it’s happening in the wonderful world of humans.

Filmmaker Mike Freeman has even made a film about these experiments. It’s called  Critical Mass , and you may learn about it at  CriticalMassFilm. com .

A bioethicist called Jan Kuba? has created extensively about this on a site called PhysicsOfLife. pl. Right now there, on a page dedicated to Calhoun’s experiment, he describes the particular Calhoun experiments as, “ one of the most important in history, ” and he delves to the meaning of all this meant for humankind.   On this page , he identifies the phases of live and annihilation through which the “ mouse utopia” approved. Here’s a summary:

Phase A – Day 1 – Strive period   – Establishing territories and making nests. First children delivered.

Stage B – Day 105 – Exploit period   – Rapid human population growth. Social hierarchy founded. Offspring higher in those with social dominance.

Phase C – Day 315 – Wachstumsstillstand phase   – Population growth slows. Males become feminized. Females turn out to be aggressive, taking over roles of males. Violence becomes common. Social disorder skyrockets.   Male mice start to assume female roles   (mouse transgenderism). Computer mouse / rat  homosexuality   begins to come out. Pedophilia grows rampant since “ they begin installation the young. ” Male fertility falls in females. Mothers reject their young.

Phase D – Day 560 – Death phase   – Population collapses. “ No young surviving. ” No longer any conception. Non-reproducing females resort to eating, grooming and sleeping. Simply no interest in socialization. No social skills learned by leftover survivors. No ability to become aggressive, which means no ability to defend their young or their nests. Avoidance of all stressful activities, including everything resembling competition. Preoccupation with grooming and physical attractiveness. Inability to navigate issues of the real world. Only the outer appearance of being superior, yet lacking cognitive and interpersonal skills. Totally unable to recreate, raise young or contend for anything.

Utopia leads to extinction

As Kuban creates:

John Calhoun’s collaborator’s findings:

– The larger the population, the less care a mother gives to her home and young.

Non-academic conclusions drawn by individuals educated in life:

– The principal factor is the insufficient social education in the young

– Due to the abundance of food and water and insufficient predators, there was no need to execute any actions to acquire resources and/or avoid danger. Therefore the young have no opportunity to observe such actions, learn (bad pupils often lose their particular lives) and, later, make use of them effectively.

– Utopia (when one has everything, at any moment, for no expenditure) declines responsibility, effectiveness and understanding of social dependence, and finally, since Dr Calhoun’s study demonstrated, leads to self-extinction.

– Contrarily, difficult conditions instigate better coping mechanisms for the populace, leading to its growth, conditioning and reinforcement.

Lawrence W. Reed, writing for FEE. org, adds the following observation upon all this in  a write-up about the rise of the well being state :

The turning point within this mouse utopia, Calhoun observed, occurred on Day 315 when the first signs appeared of a breakdown in interpersonal norms and structure. Aberrations included the following: females leaving their young; males no longer defending their territory; and both sexes becoming more violent and aggressive. Deviant actions, sexual and social, mounted with each passing day. The final thousand mice to be delivered tended to avoid stressful exercise and focused their attention increasingly on themselves.

We are seeing the same thing in today’s human communities

Many scientists have dismissed any hyperlink between Calhoun’s “ mouse utopia” experiments and human society, but in the many years since these conclusions were drawn,   human society has come to strikingly look like the self-annihilation tendencies of the mice .

For example , in human culture today, we note that socialism / progressivism teaches kids that competition is bad. “ Everyone’s a winner” is the mantra of our time, and this creates an environment exactly where children are not challenged. In fact , it is no longer even socially acceptable to subject kids to any challenges at all. Learners are selected into colleges merely based on their skin tone or sexual orientations, plus corporations hire people depending on precisely the same traits, irrespective of merit. As Kuban produces, the principle conclusion of Calhoun’s experiments is as comes after:

The lack of challenges gradually spoils the conduct

of subsequent generations of a population.

This degeneration is usually inevitable

plus leads to eventual self-extinction.

Due to the lack of difficulties, the extinction

of a population is inevitable.

It endures several generations, but can be inexorable.

This is precisely the path being receive claims from left-wing socialism / the reds / collectivism. This also illustrates the dangers of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) or welfare / stimulus giveaways. When you give resources to populations without any apparent scarcity or competition, those population increase generations of offspring which are incapable of functioning in community.

We are seeing all the other signs of the mouse utopia collapse in contemporary human society as well:

– Infanticide plus abortion, even the celebration of killing the young

– Rampant homosexuality and transgenderism

– Pedophilia and exploitation of the young by older members of society

– Increased assault

– Collapsing socialization skills, exacerbated simply by masks and lockdowns

– Obsession along with self-grooming behaviors, as we discover demonstrated by today’s youth when it comes to selfies, social media existence, etc .

– Collapse in fertility of both males and females; spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, inability to cope with adversity

– Bullying of certain individuals in the population, withdrawal from social circles. If these mice experienced guns, there would have been mass mice shootings.

– Complete withdrawal from biological reproduction because transgenderism, pedophilia, violence plus lunacy takes over.

Does any of that will sound familiar?   This might sound like every left-wing city in western society. What the rodents demonstrated in the 1960s, left-wing humans are living out within the 2020s. The only real difference is that a generation of rodents takes about 50 times to play out, while the generation of humans requires about 20 – quarter of a century.

In summary,   population itself is not the problem. Collectivism and the well being state is what will result in humanity’s self-annihilation .

As economist Thomas Sowell stated, “ The welfare state shields people from the consequences of their own mistakes, allowing irresponsibility to continue and to flourish among ever wider circles of people. ”

Food abundance has made humanity weak, privileged and unable to rise to any genuine challenge

Portion of the shock here is how easy foods availability — and gluttony — has led to the particular weakening of the human race. Exactly where food and other resources can easily be bought, children don’t learn about competition, scarcity, skills, socialization or even achievement.   It really is scarcity that results in studying and leadership , minus scarcity, there is only gluttony, apathy and collapse.

Notably,   the mice never sold out of physical space . This wasn’t an “ overpopulation” problem per se. It had been self-annihilation stemming from the collapse of the  tradition   of the mice. They no longer valued competition, achievement or resources. These people became lazy, apathetic, self-obsessed and distorted through what we should would now label LGBTQ behaviors or collectivism traits, ultimately leading to the total failure of any viability associated with offspring. Zero population was the inevitable result.

These mice were criminals in a large physical structure where they were granted unlimited resources. Today, eight billion human beings are living in a  prison planet   which provides large amounts associated with food and free money, yet where human culture are usually fertility are rapidly falling apart.

I protect this in more detail in today’s Situation Update podcast:

– Infamous “ mouse utopia” experiments showed how a population destroys itself
– Abundant as well as resources led to infanticide as well as a collapse of civility
– Some groups focused entirely on eating, self-grooming and resting
– Modern individual society is following the same path of collapse and extermination
– Social media and tech platforms are usually amplifying the WORST characteristics of humanity
– There will be no civility as long as there are proxy communications platforms
– Mass psychological illness is now the norm
– It’s all made worse by deliberate food poisoning (pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals)
– Infiation in the health “ truth” movement appears to be coming from globalists plus RINOs
– An attempt is under way to cause a civil war in the movement
– Trump followers are especially targeted to be marginalized and replaced
– How to identify infiators plus posers who are actually intelligence assets
– Follow the money to learn the truth

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