February 4, 2023

Flanke Paul: Fauci Caused seven Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red Passed, He Won’t Get Away”

“This is right up right now there with decisions, some of them malevolent or military to eliminate millions of people”

Senator Rand Paul asserted Thursday that Anthony Fauci is directly responsible for funding dangerous research that likely killed millions of people, which he “ won’t get away. ”

“ Likely there is absolutely no public health figure who has made a greater error within judgement than Dr Fauci, ” Paul declared inside a Fox News appearance, incorporating “ the error of judgement was to fund gain of function research inside a totalitarian country. ”

Fauci funded “ research that allowed these to create super viruses, that will in all likelihood leaked into the open public and caused seven million individuals to die, ” Paul declared.

“ This really is right up there with decisions, some of them malevolent or army to kill millions of people, ” The Senator further advised.


The Senator produced the comments after Fauci made an appearance in a fawning Washington Submit interview, where he was tagged a “ hero, ” complained about being a sufferer, and couldn’t think of everything he did wrong.

Paul further observed that “ It would go to judgement, talk about errors, you think he might apologise to the world… to support that kind of study then look the other method and say nothing to find out here, and to cover it up. ”

“ For the last two years he’s already been covering his tracks, yet we’ve caught him crimson handed and he won’t get away, ” Paul asserted, including “ historically [Fauci] will be remembered for one of the worst judgments within the history of modern medicine. ”

Paul also commented on efforts they are leading to overturn the Biden Administration’s COVID vaccine requirement for military personnel.

“ They will deserve to have their religious independence, as well as their medical choices and freedom to decide exactly what goes into their body, ” John noted.

This individual continued, “ We know this particular, and this is a scientific truth, the vaccine does not prevent you from getting an infection, it doesn’t prevent you from transmitting an infection, and for young adults there isn’t significant evidence to show that it reduces the severity or hospitalisation. ”

“ The military has become so ‘ woke’ and they’re demanding you get a vaccine that you don’t need, so something’s got to change, ” the particular Senator further urged.

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