February 5, 2023

France’s Greatest Living Author Says Europe Will be “Swept Away” by Mass Migration

Houellebecq shocked ‘Great Replacement’ is treated being a conspiracy theory.

France’s greatest living author Michel Houellebecq says Europe will be “ swept away” by mass migration, adding that he was “ shocked” that the ‘ great replacement’ is treated as a conspiracy theory theory.

Houellebecq made the comments during a conversation with French philosopher Michel Onfray.

“ The Great Replacement, I used to be shocked it’s called a theory. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact. ” said Houellebecq. “ When it comes to immigration, nobody controls anything, that’s the entire problem. Europe will be hidden away by this cataclysm. ”

Onfray agreed with him, asserting, “ It’s objectively the actual figures say, ” pertaining to the issue of massive demographic alter.

“ The fact that France’s greatest living writer, as he is frequently described by the mainstream push, has said the Great Replacement is certainly fact will only add to the increasing body of intellectuals, academics, and politicians who have increasingly been willing to describe the truly amazing Replacement in public forums, ” remarks John Cody.

While Onfray thinks most of the migrants (many of whom are Muslim) will simply turn into consumers like everyone else, Houellebecq sees a far more violent future of “ reverse Bataclans. ”

“ When entire areas are under Islamist manage, I think acts of resistance will take place. There will be attacks and shootings in mosques, ” said Houellebecq.

During a television debate in January, French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut mentioned it would have a “ fanatical denial associated with reality” to disregard the “ spectacular” demographic changes which are taking place in Europe.

A poll consumed April last year found that almost all French citizens thought some form of “ civil war” has been likely as a result of failed multiculturalism and attacks on France identity.

The so-called ‘ Great Replacement’ is the idea that leftist political figures are deliberately encouraging speedy levels of mass migration in order to replace native people with migrant workers whose descendents are more likely to vote for left-wing parties.

Whenever someone at the right suggests this is occurring, they are vilified as a dangerous extremist, but whenever someone on the left points towards the phenomenon as a good thing, they may be lauded as a progressive thinker.

As we previously highlighted, new census understands of the UK show that white Brits now make up less than 75% of the populace in England and Wales.

Across England’s three biggest cities – Manchester, Birmingham and London, white-colored Brits now represent a minority of the population.

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