February 6, 2023

‘Meet The New Boss…Same As The Aged Boss’: Ron Paul Org Calls Out Elon Musk for Suspending Ye

“You’re telling me people are unable to themselves block or mute Kanye? ” Ron Paul Institute wrote to Musk.

Elon Musk’s censorship associated with rap icon Ye more than an offensive tweet signals the platform’s new CEO is not serious about free presentation, says a non-profit basis run by former congressman Ron Paul.

“ Meet the brand new boss… same as the old employer, ” the account for the Ron Paul Institute taken care of immediately Musk Thursday after he suspended Ye.

“ You’re telling me people cannot themselves block or mute Kanye? We are absolutely uninterested in Nazi crap. Yet we never ever have to get a single Kanye/Ye Tweet. Neither does anyone else. Elon: this is not rocket science! ”

Continuing, the Ron Paul Institute – whose account is not run by former congressman – belittled conservatives’ celebration of Ye’s suspension as “ dumb” and said it shows how they “ love terminate culture” when they’re those doing the canceling.

“ What if all of us told you that you never needed to see a single @kanyewest write-up ever? All you had to do had been press ‘ block’ and you also could delete him her, ” the Institute properly pointed out, adding, “ Yet that’s not enough for the bi-partisan cancel culture cult. Let and Right both agree that people should be disappeared. ”

On Thursday night evening, Musk banned Ye for posting a Raelien symbol , which Ye captioned “ #LOVESPEECH, ” claiming the particular rapper had violated the platform’s policies prohibiting incitements to violence.

Addressing a user who asked him to “ FIX KANYE PLEASE, ” Musk replied that he’d tried, but that he was incorrigible great policy violations would require a suspension.

In an article Friday with the Ron Paul Institute’s Adam Dick, he pointed out how “ Ye’s Suspension system from Twitter Suggests Elon Musk’s Free Speech Dedication is a Sham . ”

“ This process appears to fly in the face of Musk’s assurances that he is switching Twitter, long notorious intended for censorship, into a sanctuary free of charge speech, ” Dick reiterated.

“ YE24” in the twitter update, which is no longer viewable at Twitter, appears to be a reference to Ye running in the 2024 United States presidential contest. Suppose the image in the tweet is supposed to represent, sans Raelianistic meaning, just the Hebrew Superstar of David and German born National Socialist swastika mashed up. Then, the image, combined with text accompanying it, appears likely to indicate that Ye extends love to people of all viewpoints — along the lines of “ coexist ” bumper stickers — and is flexing his love designed for speech by posting something which will jar people. (It is also possible that Ye jumbled his attempted communication. )

In contrast, the declaration that Ye was inciting violence through this tweet is preposterous. Yet, which is what Musk appears to have got claimed Ye had done.

“ It looks like the particular facade of the new Twitter as a defender of free talk is crumbling, ” Dick wrote.

Is Ye’s suspension proof Musk will not be the free presentation absolutist he claimed to be?

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