February 4, 2023

Amazing: NBA Coach Stuns Space After Claiming Only ‘Royal Family’ He Knows is usually ‘Jesus, Mary & Joseph’

Christian coach rejects Prince William and Kate Middleton’s cult of celebrity pushed simply by mainstream media.

Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla silenced the room Thursday when requested his thoughts about the “ royal family” attending a game title last week.

When asked if he met the “ Royal Family” following the game involving the Celtics and Miami Heat on Nov. 30, Mazzula answered, “ Jesus, Mary and Joseph? ”

“ Oh no, I did not. I’m only familiar with 1 royal family. I how to start too much about that one, ” he continued after a reporter clarified she was talking about the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Celtics player Jaylen Brownish was similarly nonplussed whenever asked how he felt playing in front of Prince Bill and Kate Middleton.

“ It was just a regular game to me, ” he replied.

The mainstream media have been fawning over Prince William and Kate during their first visit to the U. S. within nearly a decade.

The Celtics (18-4) earned their fifth straight game by defeating the  Arkansas Heat, 134-121. Boston remains in the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

The cult of celeb in America is waning, but the cult of royalty will be dead and buried, that is unsurprising given the nation started on the rejection of monarchy and the establishment of a constitutional republic.

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