February 5, 2023

Brought on “The View” Hosts Cackle At Ye & Alex Jones Interview

‘Why is this individual still on the air? inch Joy Behar asked about Alex Jones.

Your new chance not to be alone of “ The View” lashed out at Alex Jones and Ye Western on Friday in response to the particular rapper’s viral appearance on “ The particular Alex Jones Show” Thursday.

Joy Behar opened the particular segment by calling Jones a “ conspiracy theorist and all-around awful person” and attacking the House Republicans for an October tweet supporting West, which they deleted after the controversial interview.

Next, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin announced Alex Jones filed for bankruptcy on Friday , saying, “ It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. ”

After the crowd engulfed with applause at Jones’ bankruptcy, Behar chimed in, asking, “ But exactly why is he still on the surroundings? ”

Griffin answered, “ I viewed clips of the livestream, and I hate that these people even have a platform, and I kept thinking to myself, I hope I never have to hear what they are called Kanye West, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes again. ”

She carried on to claim another genocide of Jewish people could soon take place if “ these morons have platforms. ”

“ This is the first time in Alex Jones’ life that he was not the craziest most offensive person in the room due to the fact even at moments this individual looked kind of shocked with what Kanye was saying, ” Griffin added.

Co-host Sunny Hostin provided her take next, calling Jones “ the Exotic Hook denier, ” Fuentes a “ white supremacist, ” and West “ an anti-semite and anti-black. ”

Your new chance not to be alone were also upset West let Jones and Fuentes tweet out a couple of messages to his over 30 million followers.

At one point, Hostin accused Jones of “ exploiting” West’s “ psychological illness” and asked, “ Can someone up their meds? ”

Joe Biden plus Kamala Harris also released statements about the Ye interview on Friday as the entire establishment continues to freak out over the extreme sort of free speech.

“ The particular View” hosts also lately defended the fashion brand Balenciaga after it had been exposed for promoting pedophilic and satanic imagery.

Watch the full Ye West and Alex Jones interview below:

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