February 4, 2023

Exactly why China Sucks: It’s The Beta Test For The ” new world ” Order

As it stands, Cina continues to represent a model of authoritarian dreams; a research research in mass psychological torture.

For over ten years there has been an open globalist obsession with the Chinese governmental model – A love affair, if you will.

Many top advocates of global centralization including Henry Kissinger and George Soros have praised Tiongkok in the past and hinted the fact that communist country is burgeoning into a major player inside the New World Order. Soros expressed this exact sentiment way  back in 2009 , around the time that Tiongkok began courting the IMF and issuing trillions within Yuan based treasury financial debt in order to join their global currency initiative.

Several years later, China has been inducted into the IMF’s Unique Drawing Rights basket. The CCP now avidly supports the creation of a brand new global currency system with  the IMF in control .

This can be a reality I have been writing about for several years: China does NOT stand in opposition to global centralization under the control of western oligarchs. All they desire is a prominent seat at the table when the “ Excellent Reset” kicks off and overall centralization begins. But the over information only suggests a fiscal relationship between China as well as the globalists. Does the alliance go even further than that will?

Recently, Klaus Schwab of the World Financial Forum gave an interview towards the Chinese government controlled CGTN at the APEC Summit. In this interview, Schwab praises Tiongkok as a role model for many other nations. This might surprise some people considering China’s economic climate is faltering, with their global exports plunging in 2022 and their housing market in shambles. This decline is in large part due to worldwide stagflation, but also due to their crazy “ zero covid” plan which has kept the nation below pandemic lockdown for years.

Keep in mind all those covid cultists who had been cheering for China last year? Remember when they claimed that China was a perfect example on why lockdowns are essential and proof that they work? Yeah, those people were morons.

China’s economic climate is now in freefall with their manufacturing base under intense stress from the mandates. Furthermore, it would appear that the Chinese human population is finally fed up with the draconian conditions and are rising up in revolt.

Within the video below, protests erupt at Foxconn’s flagship apple iphone plant in China right after workers marched out of the factory. They had been held there in quarantine against their will with poor working conditions and little meals.

The Chinese government sent hazmat clad troops to place down the rebellion while stomping protesters into the ground. Take notice and remember this video once you hear about Apple’s hostility to Elon Musk’s free presentation policies on Twitter – Apple loves authoritarianism, as do all globalist run corporations.

China continues to terrorize the citizenry along with secret police visits in order to vocal dissenters and fleets of drones hovering above city streets monitoring foot traffic and blaring propaganda messages. Some drones also spray unknown chemicals across entire city blocks. In the meantime, China has fully implemented  digital vaccine given systems  tied to general public venues and retail stores. You are unable to function in a major Chinese city without an up-to-date vaccine passport or a negative covid test taken every little while.

All of these occasions and conditions are often handled as disconnected or somehow associated. No one is requesting the right questions. The big query being WHY? Why is the particular Chinese government sabotaging its very own economy with lockdowns plus oppressing the population to the point of open revolt (a rarity among the normally subservient Chinese language people). Why keep the lockdowns going when it is clear towards the rest of the world that the outbreak is over and that the lockdowns and masks never proved helpful to begin with?

I would ask CCP officials a simple question that many of us in the us also asked our own federal government a over a year ago: If the vaccines work, why enforce mandates and lockdowns? If it’s because the vaccines may work, then why try to force the population to take the jab? Beyond that, if the masks and lockdowns work, then why is China facing yet another supposed covid irritation wave?

Obviously the CCP does not worry about the well being of the average Chinese citizen. There is no reasoning to anything they are performing, just as there was no reasoning to anything Biden, Fauci and the CDC were performing in the US. The difference is, Americans were able to force the globalists in the US to abandon their mandate agenda, likely since we are heavily armed and so they realized too many of us had been non-compliant. In China, there is no civilian militia equivalent.

The country was a dystopia before, now it is something different – It is an experiment within technocratic tyranny that is becoming taken to the extreme. China is willing to starve, arrest, beat and even kill people who they will claim they are trying to safeguard from the virus.

It is no mistake that nearly every policy China is implementing is a direct copy associated with policies suggested by the WEF and institutions like the  Imperial College associated with London   back in 2020 at the start of the break out. The globalists argued that  “ we are not really going back to normal”   and that the public would have to sacrifice many of our freedoms to be able to stop the pandemic. The truth is, none of their policies were effective in stopping the spread, but they were quite effective at suppressing the populace. And in the case of Cina, nothing did ever go back to normal.

The unspoken rationale, in my view, connects directly back to China’s long term relationship to the globalists and their desire to be a part of the New World Order, also called the “ multipolar world order”, the 4 th   Commercial Revolution, the Great Reset plus a dozen other names. If you want to know the real globalist eyesight for the future, take a look at China these days and then multiply the pain plus suffering another hundred fold. China is a beta check.

Perhaps that is a test to see what amount of tyranny people are willing to withstand. Maybe a test of the functionality of different surveillance systems plus control mechanisms. Maybe a exercise run for the inevitable riots and rebellion that would take place in numerous countries and the easiest way to deal with them. Globalists such as Klaus Schwab are not only desire for China as an economic role model, he sees Cina as a societal role design for much of the western, with some tweaks here and there.

The problem for the business is that if there are visible examples of freedom despite covid, then other nations will start to question the necessity of their own lockdowns. Even the Chinese people are starting to fight back. They can’t implement their own NWO one country at the same time, they will have to oppress numerous countries at once.

As I have been saying for the past year to some of the more nihilistic people in the freedom movement who think all of it lost, understand that you are lucky to be living in the united states right now and you should be thankful for the millions of conservatives that positively and vocally refused in order to comply with the mandates and vaccines. They saved the nation from greater tyranny. When the globalists had got the actual really wanted, we would look a lot like China right now.

We hovered near to that black sun and danced with the devil, but we are not beaten.

As it stands, Cina continues to represent a model associated with authoritarian dreams; a research research in mass psychological pain. Far from being a counter-point towards the globalists, it is actually a globalist work in progress. Watch what goes on there closely, because the evils perpetrated there will eventually become attempted here at home.

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Klaus Schwab Says Chinese Lockdowns to Expand Worldwide

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