January 28, 2023

‘I’m Coming For You’: Actor James Woods Vows To Sue DNC For Purchasing Twitter To Censor Your pet

Internal Twitter documents released by Elon Musk on Friday reveal Woods had been targeted by the Democrat Celebration ahead of 2020 election.

Academy Award-nominated acting professional James Woods took the flamethrower to the Democratic National Committee on Friday, vowing to sue them intended for destroying his career right after ordering Twitter to suspend his account.

Woods into “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” in order to react to Elon Musk’s launch of internal Twitter communications revealing he was targeted by the DNC over their remarks about Hunter Biden’s laptop leading up to the 2020 election.

“ I can guarantee you one thing more than anything else you’ll ever listen to in your life: I will be getting a attorney. I will be suing the Democratic National Committee no matter what, ” Woods told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“ Whether I actually win or lose, I am going to stand up for the rights that each American – not a alleged celebrity. I’m not a superstar — I’m hardly familiar anymore because my career has been destroyed by these types of very people. ”

“ And I will sue. And I’m expecting other people will sue, ” Woods continued. “ And when it turns out there are a lot of us about this list where the DNC targeted us, then I will estimate the immortal words of Joseph Welch when he attacked [Wisconsin Senator] Joseph McCarthy for the enemies list he had – ‘ At long last or have you no shame? ” ”

Woods went on to express that he was targeted by far-left “ vermin” for being a conservative voice in Hollywood and longtime critic of the Democrats.

“ I think it is a accompany, but , it’s a big cost to pay. It’s not a lot of fun. We loved my career to get 50 years. I was pleased to be an award-winning and honored and appreciated actor, and I miss my profession, ” he said.

“ Someone stated, why would you do it? We said I’m going to defend the name… And if I have to be the flag bearer for this, then so be it. I’ll be happy to do it, ” Woods additional.

The government of the United States conspired to take my free speech and throw it in the gutter. Plus there’s something that they should dread more than anything they have ever imagined in their wildest desires. The most dangerous man, these types of corrupt, vile vermin is definitely an American, who’s not afraid of him, and Joe Biden, and all those rats who have work with you at the DNC, to close down our speech, I am not afraid of you. And I’m arriving for you.

Musk shared the facts with independent journalist Matt Taibbi, who explained in a thread the extent from the Democrat Party’s involvement within Twitter’s censorship of the Seeker Biden story and person accounts leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

“ Celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or even reviewed at the behest of a political party, ” Taibbi tweeted, including a screenshot of a Twitter employee complying with a directive from the DNC to suspend Woods’ account.

“ An additional report from your DNC, ” one worker wrote on Oct. twenty-four, 2020, listing a link to some Tweet shared by consumer @stephen_liuhuan and a link to a Tweet posted by Woods’ official account.

Another Twitter employee replied on Oct. 25, 2020, “ I grabbed the first one under SI… defer in order to Safety on the high profile 2nd one. ”

Just days before Election Day, Woods had tweeted an image that had been recovered through Hunter’s infamous laptop of him smoking crack with all the campaign caption, “ I am just On Team Joe! ”

Musk indicated Friday that Component 2 of “ The particular Twitter Files” would be launched Saturday, but they have not however been revealed as of this writing.

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