March 24, 2023

Provide Her A Medal: The german language Nurse Walks Free After Injecting Almost 10, 500 Patients With Saline Instead of Deadly COVID Jab

Unsung hero nurse received six months probation and had her medical license revoked.

A Red Cross doctor who injected 8, six hundred elderly patients with saline solution instead of the experimental COVID jab has walked free from court with only six months probation.

39-year-old Antje T. got administered the saltwater solution “ vaccines” at the Schortens jab center in Friesland, Germany, telling patients these were the Pfizer jab.

Antje T. jabbed up to 8, 600 mostly over-70 patients who were primarily hospital employees, educators plus doctors between March five and April 2021.

She reportedly shared her skepticism about COVID jab’s safety and efficiency on social media.

“ The accused experienced shared various conspiracy ideas on the Internet and on social media, ” said court spokesperson Torben Toelle.

“ However , the chamber could not determine with the necessary certainty that this set of ideas was your motive for her actions which she then acted to sabotage a vaccination advertising campaign. ”

Law enforcement say she was able to associated with switch from the real jabs to the saline because the girl was in charge of shot and syringe preparation during her shift.

She was reported in order to authorities after a colleague noticed she had used the saline solution on six individuals in April 2021.

From Daily Mail :

When questioned simply by police, she admitted in order to using saline solution but had said she only did it because she acquired accidentally broken a vial containing six shots and was ashamed to tell her co-workers.

She had also stated that it was a one-time event, but was immediately sacked right after antibody tests that were carried out on the affected people confirmed authorities’ suspicions.

In addition , Antje T’s licence to work as a nurse has been revoked, mass media reported.

Following the incident, condition authorities urged the fraud victims to register for revaccination and emphasised that it is totally safe.

Antje T in turn was initially charged with 15 counts of intentional attack at the beginning of the trial within November 2022, but 9 of them were dropped due to no evidence.

Ultimately, the girl was found guilty of six counts of intentional assault on November 30.

As many on social media noted, Antje T. must be awarded a medal rather than having her license revoked for saving thousands of individuals lives given the harmful and experimental nature of the mRNA injection.

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