February 1, 2023

Royce White Nails It: When Ye Bad For Praising Hitler, Is US Gov’t Harmful to Operation Paperclip?

American government secretly imported thousands of Nazi scientists, engineers, and professionals in 1940s-50s to gain advantage over Soviet Union throughout the Cold War.

When rap artist Ye is considered a bad person for praising Adolf Hitler, what does which means that for America, which imported thousands of Nazi scientists as part of Operation Paperclip?

The parallel has been noted by former Minnesota congressional candidate Royce White-colored on Jason Whitlock’s “ Fearless” podcast on Friday.

“ Let’s take a not get lost on Kanye saying he loves Nazis . Due to the fact we as a country loved the Nazis. We loved the Nazis and still love the Nazis, ” White stated.

“ Who were the Nazis? What was Operation Paperclip ? Why did we bring 1, 600 — so they say, could have been 16, 000, might have been 106, 000, we don’t know — why did these people bring 1, 600 of the Nazi Party’s top researchers and political figures… why did they bring them in to the American government? ”

“ This obtained nothing to do with Kanye, ” White continued. “ Kanye doesn’t even know about this. That’s not the purview associated with what he’s bringing to the table. ”

“ Why did all of us after World War II when we made it seem like we went to guard the massacre of the Jews, take the very people who orchestrated it and assimilate them into our military and government? ”

“ Because we were a lot more concerned with military power, political power, economic power compared to we were the principle. We are going to the sellouts. Our nation has moral hazard from World War II that we have yet to deal with, ” he said.

“ You can’t send out me off on several mission or side street about Kanye West making some silly off-the-cuff remark with a mask on to obtain attention from a theatrical profession that he’s always lived up to and distract me from the truth, ” he added.

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