January 29, 2023

Brussels Bailing Out Ukraine Will Ruin Europe For Decades, Hungary’s Orban Warns

“Not just our children, but also our grandchildren will suffer the consequences” of a mass borrowing scheme proposed by the EU, says Hungarian leader.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbá n warned upon Friday that  European insurance policies advocating for mass mutual borrowing  among EU member states to continue funding Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian intrusion will have  devastating implications.

The Hungarian leader told “ Good morning, Hungary! ” that EU sanctions on Russian energy are bound to fail, and that “ not only our kids, but also our grandchildren will suffer the consequences” of a bulk borrowing scheme proposed from the EU, adding that potentially  insolvent states will require support   too.

Orban reiterated Hungary’s opposition, and recommended that agreements to support Ukraine should be at the national degree via bilateral agreements among individual countries,   ReMix   reports.

He highlighted that  Ukraine has found itself in a situation where it is incapable of functioning as an independent nation   because of the ongoing conflict, and while it needs help from its neighbours and allies in the immediate, it is not for Brussels in order to speak on behalf of all member states.

What’s more , Orban believes that any further sanctions on Russian gas or nuclear energy would have “ tragic consequences, ”   and argued that Hungary should be exempt from such a decision.  

We have been facing a difficult winter , Ukraine is in an increasingly hard situation, Russia is struggling difficulties, but its revenues through energy carriers are at their particular peak, so the policy of sanctions has not achieved its goal, ” he said, explaining that while Hungary won’t be subject to an upcoming ban on European imports of Ruskies oil, it will still be affected by the “ price-inflating a result of the sanctions. ”

“ We have usually achieved our own national targets in the negotiations on sanctions, so   we have been participating in the discussion of the ninth package with great hopes , ” Orban concluded, while noting that this “ pressure is constant, ” and that Hungary should “ constantly fight to shield our interests. ”

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