March 24, 2023

Busting: Elon Musk Says He Wanted To ‘Punch’ Ye in Face, Credits Alex Jones For Trying To Reign Your pet In

“Alex Jones is pretty edgy. So , Alex Jones saying he desires Kanye to stop? That’s a big-deal, ” he says.

Elon Musk reacted to the groundbreaking Ye-Alex Jones interview on Saturday, claiming that Ye was too much for the “ edgy” Infowars host and that he wanted to punch the artist in the face for posting a Raelian symbol on Twitter.

“ The point at which Alex Jones will be, like, telling Kanye in order to calm down and to please prevent, you have to say, ‘ okay, Alex Jones is pretty in a lather. So , Alex Jones stating he wants Kanye to stop? That’s a big deal, ” Musk said on a Twitter Area discussion.

Musk also said he wanted to “ punch” Ye hard after he had posted the Raelian symbol on Tweets which resulted in his suspension from the platform for “ incitement to violence. ”

“ Personally, i wanted to punch Kanye, to ensure that was definitely inciting me to violence, ” Musk said.

In other words, Musk suspended Ye regarding posting a symbol he stated “ incited violence, ” but admitted that he in fact wanted to commit violence against Ye just for posting the.


Notably, the Raelian symbol signifies infinite room and time, not a Nazi ideology, and Ye’s additional phrase of “ YE24 Love Everyone #LoveSpeech” in the post suggests he discussed the symbol in the spirit of unity.

Meanwhile, while Ye can be suspended over a religious unification symbol, video clips of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion performing pagan “ bloodstream and soil” rituals to rally intended for war against Russia are usually allowed to circulate the platform unabated.

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