February 4, 2023

Liberal Journalists Circle Wagons As ‘Twitter Files’ Expose ‘Decade’s Biggest Media Scandal’

Within hours of the publication of a historical Twitter thread, mainstream press reporters descended on the social networking site en masse in order to claim the exposé was obviously a “nothing burger. ”

Some mainstream media reporters reacted with scorn towards the explosive revelations showing Democrat-friendly Twitter employees privately doubted the Hunter Biden laptop computer files were “ hacked” when that excuse was used to justify censoring the newest York Post’s article simply weeks before the 2020 selection, which now-President Joe Biden won.

While much of the social media marketing ecosystem was shocked and outraged by last night’s publication of the so-called “ Twitter Files ” — revealing high-level collusion between Big Technology, US intelligence, and the Democratic Party— one group particularly was less than impressed: liberal-leaning journalists.

Within hours of the distribution of a historic Twitter line, mainstream media reporters originated on the social media site en masse to claim the exposé was a “ absolutely nothing burger. ” They accused its author, 52-year-old contributing editor for Rolling Stone and journalist Matt Taibbi, of being a lackey associated with Twitter owner Elon Musk.

“ Imagine throwing it all away to do PR work for the richest person in the world, ” read one tweet by Ben Collins, a older reporter for NBC News, who went on to persist publishing the explosive analysis was “ humiliating s***. ”

Just a few hrs later, MSNBC’s Mehdi Hassan published a nearly-identical twitter update: “ Imagine volunteering to perform online PR work for the world’s richest man on the Friday night, in service of nakedly and cynically right-wing narratives, and then pretending that you simply speaking truth to energy. ”

Others insisted that the files somehow proved that there’s “ no evidence” to support the “ big claim” that will “ the government had directly intervened to suppress a tale before the election. ”

According to acclaimed journalist Glenn Greenwald, all these critics were missing the point completely, and suggested that they may be doing so on purpose.

“ These types of liberal media employees operate as a hive mind, an in-group pack, reciting exactly the same phrases on cue, ” Greenwald wrote in an popular  Twitter thread   debunking popular generous reactions to the revelations, noting “ they have no new thoughts. They’re Democratic Celebration activists who unite as pack animals. ”

“ You have to be possibly extremely stupid or incredibly dishonest to think Taibbi has been saying he found no evidence of US political officials involved, ” Greenwald proceeds. “ In fact , the tweet they’re pointing to — to claim @ElonMusk humiliated by saying Dem officials were involved — says the opposite. ”

In reality, the files demonstrate that “ Twitter humiliated when saying they censored this story because the docs were hacked by Russian federation, ” Taibbi concludes, explaining that Twitter higher-ups “ know there was no proof of this! ”

Training his fire at the critics responsible for the “ personal attacks” on Taibbi, Greenwald opined that “ watching little obedient dweebs at NBC, CNN as well as the Daily Beast claim *Matt Taibbi* is a servant in order to power is the most brazen situation of projection I’ve actually seen.. ”

Whereas “ Taibbi spent his career but still does exposing Wall St and CIA’s lies, ” i. e. Russiagate, ” establishment reporters “ are usually their loyal mouthpieces, ” Greenwald claims.

According to the highly-acclaimed journalist who helped publish forceful documents revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, these types of reactions are indicative of a broader pathology afflicting institution journalists:

“ Not one media outlet that spread this CIA are located – that everyone knows is really a lie – has admitted that they did this or even explained what happened. That’s simply because they lied on purpose, ” Greenwald says. “ And that’s why these types of media employees are so angered at Taibbi: they dislike being reminded of their fraud. ”

Certainly, “ at this point, the real story long ago ceased being concerning the contents of the Biden archive itself, ” Greenwald proves. “ The real story can be how the CIA, corporate media and Big Tech most of united to spread the CIA lie and manipulate the 2020 election for it to censor reporting regarding Joe Biden. ”

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