January 27, 2023

McCarthy: Military Vaccine Mandate Will Be Lifted By Biden

“I’ve been very clear with the president. The president… worked with me about this. “

Republican congressional leader Kevin McCarthy is adamant which the vaccine mandate currently being imposed on the military is going to be lifted very soon by the Biden administration.

Showing up on Fox News Sunday, McCarthy stated “ Wish working through what is the [National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)], the national protection bill, we will secure raising that vaccine mandate on this military. Because what we’re finding is, they’re kicking out men and women that have been serving. ”

“ That’s the first victory of having a Republican majority, plus we’d like to have more of those people victories, and we should start shifting those now, ” the particular Republican leader said.

When asked if the mandate will be lifted, McCarthy responded ​ ​ ” Yes, it will. Otherwise, the particular bill will not move, ” adding “ I’ve been very clear with the president. The president… worked with me on this. ”

“ This is actually the first sign of having split government, you got some compromise here. And we’ve got something which Republicans have been working very difficult, and a number of Democrats, too, trying to find success. But one-party rule would never allow that to go forward. And now we’ll have success, ” McCarthy more noted.


Reuters   verifies the Conservative leader’s claims, noting:

“ Head McCarthy raised this with all the president and the president told him he would consider it, ” said White House spokesperson Olivia Dalton. “ The particular secretary of defense has recommended retaining the mandate, and the president supports his position. Discussions about the NDAA are ongoing. ”

McCarthy’s comments follow on from over 20 Republican governors, led by Rand Paul, penning the letter demanding that Our elected representatives revoke the military shot mandate either in NDAA or via other legislation.

The  Military Times estimates that more than a few, 400 troops have been “ involuntarily separated from the service” due to non-compliance with the shot mandate.

Despite  attempts to stop mandatory vaccines   for active duty personnel, and to  uphold exemption legal rights , the Biden administration  has continually forced for dishonourable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get the shots.

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