January 27, 2023

Musk Slams NY Times Because “An Unregistered Lobbying Firm” For Complete Lack Of Coverage Of Twitter Files

Republicans want to investigate Facebook, Search engines for acting as “arms of the Democratic Party”

Twitter owner Elon Musk accused the New York Occasions of being a lobbying company rather than a serious news company after it failed to cover in any depth the revelations that Twitter engaged in bulk censorship, particularly with regards to the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco.

Musk revealed that he has increased his personal security in response to concerns over his safety following the release of the first dump of files:

Nevertheless , when a tweeter pointed out that presently there wasn’t a single piece at the New York Times’ website covering the release associated with Twitter files , with analysis by investigative journalist Matt Taibbi, Musk replied “ That is because The New York Times has become, for all intents and purposes, a good unregistered lobbying firm for a lot left politicians. ”

Musk also pointed to a Reuters article about his “ public fight with Apple, ” noting that it takes the particular legacy media days in order to catch up with what is happening.

“ The delayed result of regular news is like nonstop dé jà vu, ” Musk commented.

Meanwhile, MSNBC and NBC News work overtime to distract, downplay and distort the Tweets files revelations, even suggesting that Musk revealing Tweets engaged in mass censorship makes the company look good.

Republican congressional leader Kevin McCarthy commented Sunday on Musk’s efforts to uncover censorship, noting “ What Elon Musk has been able to perform, now we know why the White House wanted to fight so strongly against him owning Twitter. ”

“ Every he’s done is put out the truth, ” McCarthy carried on, adding “ Now we have to start looking at Facebook, with Google. These now have become arms of the Democratic Celebration, arms of the Biden management. ”

“ They go after each and every person who questions them. Look at what they’re doing to Elon Musk and the successes that he’s had. He’s not doing anything but putting away papers that he has found, ” the minority Congressional leader further asserted.

McCarthy noted that under the previous regime Twitter was assuming  “ manage [of] what we should could find out, what we may say, what — whether we could even forward or retweet. ”  

“ How is this different than what’s happening within China today, where they will try to control every single person? ” McCarthy urged, adding “ Where is the uprising in this? ”

“ They used each arm, not only just from the government, but they have taken more than businesses to lie towards the American public, ” McCarthy charged, warning “ This is just the beginning. ”


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