January 27, 2023

The particular ‘Twitter Papers’ Reveal the particular Totalitarians Among Us: Ron John

This can be a corruption scandal so massive that it is almost guaranteed to never be properly investigated.

I admit to being skeptical of Elon Musk as a free speech hero. He has moved from one US government-subsidized business to a different on his path to becoming the particular world’s richest person. But there is no denying that his release of the “ Twitter Papers” this past weekend, which usually blew the lid away government manipulation of social media marketing, has been a huge victory for those of us who value the First Amendment.

The release, in coordination with truly independent journalist Shiny Taibbi, demonstrated indisputably how politicians and representatives associated with “ official Washington” pressed the teams that were after that in charge of censorship at Tweets to remove Tweets and even ban accounts that were guilty of nothing beyond posting something the particular power-brokers did not want the general public to read. Let’s not forget that lots of of those demanding Twitter censorship were US government officials who had taken a good oath to the US Metabolism and its First Amendment.

It is important to understand that each US political parties had been involved in pushing Twitter in order to censor information they failed to like. There is plenty of data corruption to go around. However , because the Twitter Papers demonstrated, vastly more Tweets were censored at the demand of Democratic Party politicians simply because Twitter employees on the censorship group were overwhelmingly Democratic Celebration supporters.

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence released in this first installment of the Twitter Papers was a series of Tweets from the Biden 2020 campaign to its contact inside Twitter wondering that the social media censor all of them. An internal Twitter document shows that the censor team “ handled these, ” which means censored them.

Elon Musk himself freely stated before the release that, prior to his taking control over the company and engaging in bulk firing, Twitter had been manipulating elections. So all those years we heard lies from the Washington elites that Russia was interfering in our polls when after all it was Tweets. Of course that raises the question about other large social media companies like Facebook. Will certainly Mark Zuckerberg come clean about his own company’s political election interference? Will anyone possess the courage to demand which he do so?

How did they get away using of this? As another truly independent journalist, Glenn Greenwald, stated on the Tucker Carlson display the night the “ Tweets Papers” were released, although it was once controversial for the CIA to attempt to manipulate what Americans consume in the mainstream media, nowadays these stores openly hire “ former” US intelligence leaders and officers as news experts. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and the rest of them all bring on “ former” members of the cleverness services to tell Americans things to think. “ Big tech censorship is a critical device of the national security condition, ” Greenwald told Tucker. “ Whenever anyone tries to do anything about it these types of former people from the CIA and the Pentagon and the sleep jump up and say ‘ we cannot permit you to restore free speech. ‘”

This is a problem scandal so massive that it can be almost guaranteed to never be properly investigated. Government alone is among the most guilty and know “ government commissions” are really about covering up rather than uncovering the criminal offenses committed. But the truth is powerful. Several 58 years after the Warren Report whitewashed the murder of President Kennedy, forms show that few Us citizens believe the “ official” narrative.

Truth is powerful and we must always look for it. No amount of is situated can withstand the disinfectant of truth. Thanks to Elon Musk for his courage and we encourage him to keep.

This post first appeared at RonPaulInstitute. org .

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