February 1, 2023

Brazilian Military Moves Against Silva After Pro-Silva Court Refuses Election Audit

Military evokes charter to intervene in case of a conflict between the branches of authorities

The particular pro-Bolsonaro Brazilian military has brought out top leaders from the Red Command drug association which had heavily supported Luiz Iná cio Lula da Silva in the latest election.

Analysts say this is the very first step in a federal military intervention of the country over a disputed election seeking to install Silva as Brazil’s president after a pro-Silva court refused to permit the military to review the election results as required by law.

“ The official declaration of Article 142, which allows the military to intervene in the case of a conflict between the divisions of government, is expected this week, ” according to the Gateway Pundit. “ Soldiers were seen  joining the particular protestors  and instructing them to remain calm when actions comes. ”

“ Drivers cheered military convoys deploying to strategic locations throughout the country. ”

According to reports, Silva is heavily reliant on Red Command for his political support, especially after hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to protest the election results.

The Army Deputy Prosecutor General said the Ministry of Protection wasn’t properly allowed to properly inspect the electronic voting system in Brazil’s presidential election.

This led to the military enacting Article 142 against the pro-Silva Superior Electoral Court which was trying to quickly certify the particular election to install Silva because president.

“ Three separate reports  have found that the elections could not end up being verified, since many of the voting machines cannot be audited, ” The Gateway Pundit mentioned. “ The military review required by law could not become completed because the pro-Lula Electoral Court refuses to turn over the source code of the machines. ”  

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