January 29, 2023

‘Hitler Was A Pedophile! ’ Alex Jones Joins Steven Crowder To Talk Ye & Free of charge Speech

Find out how Jones seems about the viral interview in retrospect

Alex Jones made an appearance on the Louder With Crowder podcast on Tuesday morning to give his undertake the recent viral Ye West interview and other subjects.

Jones provided a background to the meeting from Ye showing up to the Infowars studio in a gimp mask to the artist refusing to discuss topics like the Covid jab, abortion, Huge Tech, Elon Musk and additional important issues.

At one point, Jones went on a rant about people like Richard Bradzino who have a Hitler fetish, saying, “ I’m not into dudes in elegant peacock military uniforms that will, by the way, got 22 million Germans killed. So , the largest killer of Germans in history, if you like Germanic people plus I’m basically half-German, is certainly Hitler. Hitler was a tragedy! Hitler was an occultist! Hitler was a pedophile! Hitler was horrible! Screw Hitler! Burn in Hell Hitler! ”

The Infowars originator continued, describing how the left fearmongers about Nazis while pushing their globalist, communist depopulation agenda that is just like bad or potentially even worse than Hitler’s genocidal regime.

He furthermore said it felt like he was dragged into a massive publicity stunt in regard to Ye’s comments, but made it clear he is not mad in him or Nick Fuentes.

Jones actually suggested he bring Fuentes back on The Alex Jones Show to challenge him to a debate regarding the history of Hitler and the Holocaust.

Despite the establishment’s attempts to suppress totally free speech, controversial conversations carry on and go viral by busting through the barricades put in place by the information gatekeepers.

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