January 29, 2023

Hotep Jesus Tells Alex Jones, ‘I Am White-Pilled’

‘We will win, we are winning everyday and there’s nothing they can do to stop us, ‘ he says

Popular podcaster and political commentator Hotep Jesus spoken with Alex Jones on Monday about the overall perspective for the freedom movement right now in time.

Asked if he is black-pilled, red-pilled, white-pilled, etc ., Hotep told Jones, “ Now i am white-pilled… Because I don’t see people who are in control. The things i see are people who are seeking to maintain control or increase their control, but the last two years had been so sloppy and performed at such an accelerated rate it proves they’re in panic mode. I suggest everybody else out there be extremely white-pilled. We will win, we are successful every single day and there’s nothing they could do to stop us. ”

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