January 28, 2023

‘My Jaw Hit The Floor! ’ Musk Fires Twitter’s ‘FBI-Russiagate’ Lawyer Over Vetting Debacle

Twitter Deputy General Lawyer (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker has been fired

Elon Musk upon Tuesday announced that former FBI attorney James Baker, who have came to Twitter to act as deputy general counsel,   has been fired after ‘ vetting’ recently released evidence of Twitter’s election interference unbeknownst to Musk.

“ In light associated with concerns about Baker’s feasible role in suppression info important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today, ” Musk wrote on Twitter, replying to a Dec. 4  Jonathan Turley article   shedding light on the incestuous relationship between Twitter, Biden scandals, and Baker.

Journalist Matt Taibbi, who dropped ‘ The Twitter Files ‘ last Friday detailing how Tweets executives went behind CEO Jack Dorsey’s back to interfere in the 2020 US election by censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

According to Taibbi,   Baker was involved in ‘ vetting’ information with no knowledge of management.


We can today tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy Common Counsel (and former F General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the factors? Vetting the first batch of “ Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new administration.

The process meant for producing the “ Twitter Files” involved delivery in order to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a attorney close to new management. Nevertheless , after the initial batch, issues became complicated.

Over the weekend, while both of us dealt with obstacles to brand new searches, it was  @BariWeiss   who have discovered that   the individual in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim .

When she called to ask “ Jim’s” last name, the answer came back:   “ Jim Baker. ”  

“ My jaw hit the floor, ” says Weiss.

This news that Baker was critiquing the “ Twitter files” surprised everyone involved, to say the least. New Twitter chief Elon Musk acted quickly to “ exit” Baker Wednesday.

Reporters resumed searches through Twitter Data files material – a lot of this – today. The next installment of “ The Twitter Files” will appear  @bariweiss . Stay tuned.

When asked in the event that Baker was asked to describe himself, Musk replied: “ Yes. His explanation was … unconvincing.

Musk provides known for a while that Baker was a bad actor, even as we presume was looking for the right instant to cut him loose.

Read more about Baker in  Jonathan Turley ‘ s article noted by Taibbi;

As thousands of Twitter documents are released on the company’s notorious censorship program,   much has been confirmed regarding the use of back channels simply by Biden and Democratic authorities to silence critics to the social media platform . However , one familiar name instantly popped out in the 1st batch of documents released through journalist Matt Taibbi:   James Baker . For many, James Baker is fast becoming the particular Kevin Bacon of the Russian collusion scandals.

Baker has been featured repeatedly in the Russian investigations launched by the Justice Department, including the hoax involving the Russian Alfa Bank.   Whenever Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann wanted to plant the particular bizarre false claim of a secret communications channel between your Trump campaign and the Kremlin, Baker was his first, speed-dial contact.   (Baker would  afterwards testify   from Sussmann’s trial). Baker’s name also appeared prominently in controversies related to the other Russian-related FBI allegations against Trump. He was  successfully forced out   due to his role plus reportedly  found himself under criminal investigation . He became a defense of the Russian investigations in spite of findings of biased and also criminal conduct. He seemed to be a frequent target associated with Donald Trump on social media, including Twitter. Baker replied with public criticism of Trump for his “ false narratives . ”

After leaving the F, Twitter seemed eager to employ Baker as deputy common counsel . Ironically, Baker soon became involved in one more alleged back channel with a presidential campaign. This time it was Twitter that maintained the particular non-public channels with the Biden campaign (and later the White House). Baker quickly weighed in with the same signature bank bias that characterized the particular Russian investigations.

Weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Blog post ran an explosive tale about a laptop abandoned simply by Hunter Biden that contained emails and records  detailing a multimillion dollar influence peddling operation by the Biden family . Not only was Joe Biden’s boy Hunter and brother James involved in deals with an array of suspicious foreign figures, but Later on Biden was referenced because the possible recipient of funds from these deals.

The Bidens had long been accused of influence peddling, nepotism, and other forms of corruption. Furthermore, the campaign was not denying that the laptop was Seeker Biden’s and key emails could be confirmed from the various other parties involved. However , in the request of the “ Biden team” and Democratic agents, Twitter moved to block the storyplot.   It even suspended those who tried to talk about the allegations with others , including the White Home press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who was  hanging for linking to the scandal .

Even inside Twitter, the move raised serious concerns on the company serving as a censor for the Biden campaign. Worldwide Comms Brandon Borrman who  asked   if   the company could “ truthfully claim that this really is part of the policy”   to get barring posts and hanging users.

Baker quickly jumped in to assistance the censorship and  said   that  “ it’s reasonable for all of us to assume that they may have already been [hacked] which caution is warranted. ”

Remember that there was never any evidence that this material was hacked . Moreover, there was no evidence of Russian involvement in the laptop. Indeed, U. H. intelligence  quickly turned down   the Ruskies disinformation claim.

However , Baker insisted that there was a “ reasonable” presumption that Russians were at the rear of another major scandal.   Faced with a major scandal implicating a Joe Biden within the corrupt selling of entry to foreign figures (including several with foreign intelligence associations), Baker’s natural default had been to kill the story and prevent others from sharing the particular allegations.

The particular released documents may show why Twitter was so eager to hire Baker regardless of his role in the Ruskies collusion controversies. What probably would have been a liability for most companies seemed an actual draw designed for Twitter. For censors plus political operatives in Tweets, Baker likely seemed like the “ made man” to get a company committed to systemic censorship. He would be working with the main legal officer at the organization, Vijaya Gadde, who functioned as  the company’s key censor .   Gadde was widely reviled by free speech advocates on her dismissal of free speech principles and open political bias.

Not really unexpectedly, Gadde and Baker would play prominent tasks in the suppression of the Hunter Biden scandal.   There was hardly a need to round up “ the usual suspects” in the suppression scandal whenever Musk took over the company. Each lawyers swatted down inner misgivings to bury a story that could well have made the difference in the close 2020 selection.

It is stunning how many of the figures and institutions involved in Russian collusion claims are within 6 degrees of James Baker. Not just did Baker work carefully with fired FBI director James Comey and other important figures at the Justice Section, but he was an acquaintance of key Clinton numbers like Sussmann who pressed the false collusion allegations. He was also  hired by Brookings Institution , which also has a  curious Bacon-like part in the origins and development of the false Russian collusion allegations .

None of these means that Baker was the driving force from the scandals. To the contrary, Baker earned his bones in Washington as a facilitator, a dependable ally when it came to the business enterprise of the Beltway. It is hardly a surprise that Baker discovered a home at Twitter where “ caution” was consistently “ warranted” in dealing with potentially damaging stories for Democratic interests.

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