January 28, 2023

Refugee in Germany Stabs 14-Year-Old Girl to Death

Police tell residents not to blame all asylum seekers.

A migrant from Eritrea staying at a nearby asylum center stabbed a 14-year-old girl to death as she was walking in order to school in the German city of Illerkirchberg.

The culprit also targeted a 13-year-old friend from the victim and although she survived, the 14-year-old passed away in hospital from her injuries.

“ Although the community of 5, 000, located near Ulm, is small, it features an asylum home situated at Bucher Straß e, ” reports Remix News .

“ The 27-year-old man, reportedly from the asylum home, walked up to the lady on Monday morning with approximately 7: 30 the. m. and stabbed her for no reason within the stomach. He then turned their attention to the 14-year-old victim’s friend and stabbed her. ”

After witnesses who saw the particular attack called the police, at fault ran back to the asylum center, which was subsequently surrounded and stormed by equipped special forces police.

“ When the police searched it with unique forces, they found three residents there, all refugees from Eritrea. The police had taken two to the station. The third suspect was injured and required medical attention, ” stated a police statement.

According to a friend from the family of the deceased woman, her grieving parents had been so distraught that they needed to be given sedatives.

Markus Hä uß ler, the town’s mayor, informed Bild: “ The community is definitely shocked. One of the girls has now died. We are all deeply impacted and mourn with the loved ones. ”

Inspite of the nature of the attack, law enforcement were quick to demand that the public don’t fault “ asylum seekers in general. ”

The stabbing is sure to provoke another national conversation about the number of financial migrants who claim to be asylum seekers that Germany will be taking in.

Numbers released by the German federal government show that non-German foreign people are responsible for over 39 percent of total murders and 56. 25 per cent of manslaughter convictions, despite symbolizing only 12 per cent of the population.

Even as we previously pointed out , official crime data released by Dü sseldorf’s Ministry of the Interior has revealed that in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, foreigners and migrants, who represent around 14. 8 per cent of the people, are responsible for almost half of recorded gang rapes.

Despite all this, former German born Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested her 2015 decision to permit a million migrants to your country was a success.

As Reuters reported , over the whole country, “ Violent crime rose by about 10 percent in 2015 and 2016, a study showed. It credited more than 90 percent of this to young male asylum seekers. ”

One particular particularly harrowing case included Maria Ladenburger, the child of an EU official who was raped, murdered and dumped in a river in Freiburg.

Her killer was Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari, who entered Indonesia as a refugee in November 2015.

Once we previously highlighted, despite the state’s huge problems caused by mass migration, left-wing parties are usually seemingly more concerned about silencing dissent.

Inside a throwback to the Stasi, the particular German Green Party is trying to set up information centers meant for neighbors to report one another for political incorrectness.

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