January 28, 2023

Video clip: Jen Psaki Warns Trump’s ‘Evil Charisma’ Could Earn Him GOP Nomination

“My view is usually people should not underestimate him, ” says former WH press secretary.

Joe Biden’s former push secretary Jen Psaki cautioned Democrats not to discount Jesse Trump in 2024, claiming his “ evil charisma” could help him win the Republican nomination.

Psaki, now a good NBC contributor, said upon “ Meet the Press” Sunday that former President Trump’s influence within the Republican Party won’t be stopped unless a “ better alternative” arrives.

“ Democrats and sane Republicans underestimate Trump at their own danger because in order for Trump to not win the nomination, there has to be a better alternative, ” Psaki said. “ That’s exactly how primaries work. ”

Psaki also took a jab with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and disgraced previous Vice President Mike Pence, suggesting neither is ready to take on Trump in 2024.

“ Ron DeSantis, this man — your dog is either the savior or even he’s currently at their peak, ” Psaki said. “ Mike Pence, using due respect, didn’t precisely light the world on fire politically before he was chosen by Donald Trump to be his running mate. ”

“ Therefore the question is, who’s the alternative? ” she asked. “ Trump has some evil charm that helps him win the nomination. The nomination process is long. What is going to happen here? And my view is people should not underestimate him. ”

Recent polls suggest GOP voters are still trying to figure out exactly where Trump and DeSantis stand as their prospective nominee in 2024.

Based on a Marquette Law College poll , GOP voters currently favour DeSantis to Trump 63% to 36% in a theoretical primary.

But other polls show Trump still leading the GOP field and he’s currently secured dozens of endorsements through members of Congress.

One Politico/Morning Consult poll showed Trump with 45% of the vote, and DeSantis at 30%.

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