3rd Russian Airbase Set Ablaze by Drone Strike since Ukraine Extends War Throughout Border

Attack arrives day after two explosions rocked a pair of air angles even further inside Russian area

Overnight into Tuesday  a third airfield deep inside Russia came under attack, suffering a fire after an oil storage depot was bombarded by what the Kremlin described as a drone assault that was repelled after the preliminary blast.

A large blaze raged throughout the night as crisis crews responded.

It came the day right after two explosions rocked a couple of air bases even further inside Russian territory, which slain three military personnel in the Ryazan region, and Russian Engels-1 airbase in Saratov. Those incidents were also subsequently described by the defense ministry as  the result of drone attacks.

The  Russian city of Kursk, which usually lies closer to Ukraine compared to other two sites associated with attack, had thick black smoke rising over its airfield in the early Wednesday hours. “ Oil tankers at a base near the city of Kursk, around 60 miles from the border, were burning down and streaming smoke in to the sky early Tuesday early morning, ”   The Daily Mail   writes depending on regional sources.

International reports say the large Kursk fire has burned for some ten hours, given a large oil depot had been ignited, following  the attack :

The inferno covered almost 5, 500 square feet and new teams of firefighters were being rushed to the scene, nearby media said.

Suspected Ukrainian drones also attacked the Belbek military airport in Sevastopol – but were downed by air defenses, say reviews.

Increasingly it is looking like Ukraine has made the decision to try and hit a lot more aggressively  inside   Russian territory, whether or not utilizing drones or possibly the longer range missiles being provided by the West, marking a huge escalation.  

“ Drones were also targeted at a fuel shop in Bryansk region, but failed to cause major damage, said Russian sources, ”   Daily Mail   continues.

The Monday assaults had  damaged  “ two nuclear-capable bombers  that were considered to be preparing for an  attack on Ukraine, killed three ground crew and injured 2 more. ”

As for the fresh probable drone attack on the  Kursk base, Britain’s ministry associated with defense  said , “ If Russia assesses the incidents were deliberate attacks, it will probably consider them as  some of the most smartly significant failures of drive protection since  its attack of Ukraine. ”

The UK defense standard was quoted further as saying, “ The  Russian chain of command will most likely seek to identify and enforce severe sanctions on  Ruskies officers deemed responsible for permitting the incident. ”

So it seems this is  Ukraine’s response to the particular widespread aerial attacks on its national energy grid, namely to extend its counteroffensive toward conducting risky cross-border raids on major Russian bases.  

This particular significance of this can’t be overestimated – it takes all sides into dangerous, new and unpredictable territory which makes eventual direct Russian-NATO confrontation even more likely.

Ukraine’s Ukrenergo is meanwhile warning the population of more emergency power shutdowns to come across the country. “ Due to the consequences associated with shelling… to maintain the balance between production and consumption of electrical power, a regime of  crisis shutdowns will be introduced in all regions of Ukraine.

“ In priority, electrical power will be supplied to vital infrastructure facilities, ” Ukrenergo said of the rationing measures on Telegram Monday, throughout the fresh wave of many dozens of Russian airstrikes.

The 400 mile distance of Engels airbase through the Ukrainian border raised eyebrows following Monday’s attack. Additionally, it hosts long-range nuclear-capable proper bombers, some of which were probably damaged.

Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu is at the same time vowing that Russia will not stop  till the “ military potential” of Ukraine is crushed, according to  Interfax . Shoigu said in a defense ministry conference call, “ The Russian Armed Forces are inflicting massive strikes along with long-range precision weapons to the military command and control system, defense industry enterprises, and related facilities in order to crush Ukraine’s military possible. ”

“ The Russian armed forces always liberate the Donbas. Recently, Mayorsk, Pavlovka, Opytnoye, Andreevka, Belogorovka Yuzhnaya and Kurdyumovka have come under our manage, ” he added.

Independent journalist Erina Tracey summarizes the game-changing nature of the events from the last 24 hours as follows, and the significance of Washington clearly encouraging it, or at least not pressing Ukraine’s forces to put on the brakes as far as the particular fresh  cross-border episodes

“ So the US is definitely engineering the war energy of a client state at this point bombing targets 400 kilometers inside Russia — verified via the usual tactic of oblique, cheeky acknowledgment through top Ukraine officials.   Definitionally an “ escalation” — this is what the US has signed onto indefinitely. ”

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