February 4, 2023

Exceptional Interview: Gun Store Proprietor Warns 2nd Amendment Violations Looming With Daniel Defense Uvalde Shooting Lawsuit

Bloomberg gun grabbing group seeking to bankrupt weapons manufacturers

Michael Cargill, owner of the Austin, Texas firearm shop Central Texas Gun Works, joined the War Room on Tuesday to talk with Owen Shroyer about the most recent establishment attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

American arms producer Daniel Defense , the town of Uvalde, and the Uvalde school district are being sued by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Democrat anti-gun group over the tragic school shooting in the Texas city that took place in May.

Responding to this slippery slope of going after gun suppliers instead of the actual shooter, Cargill told the Infowars target audience, “ It’s like a car crash, you know when someone will get a DUI or they’re intoxicated go run over a bunch of individuals or run over a bunch of family members and kill them, we don’t go after the car dealership and say, ‘ Hey there dealership, you’re responsible for this particular person getting drunk plus killing this family. ‘”

“ Or maybe the alcohol, ” Shroyer additional, saying it would be like suing Budweiser because someone who had a drunk driving accident was drinking that specific brand name.

Later, Shroyer asked Cargill about the Biden administration’s desire to enact a good “ assault weapons” prohibit.

The weapon store owner explained Democrats could try to do it through executive order or possibly in the Senate before they lose the House next year.

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Meanwhile, the disarmed individuals of New York City are now being beaten in the streets every day.

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