January 27, 2023

The Future of the GOP: Alex Jones Weighs In on DeSantis Contacting Out Vax Manufacturers

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida wants to hold vaccine makers liable over statements about the mRNA shots that DeSantis said aren’t real.

Alex Jones breaks down Lakewood ranch Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) setting the standard of the GOP platform in 2024 by calling out Big Pharma companies for pushing deadly experimental COVID injections knowing full well they were not really “ safe and effective. ”

After venting his frustrations about previous President Donald Trump neglecting to come out against the experimental COVID shots despite realizing he was tricked about their efficacy, Jones explained that will DeSantis is making all of the right moves on that front side.

“ DeSantis has slowly gotten more hardcore, saying children shouldn’t take the pictures, the military shouldn’t be required to take the shots. Which is stuff Trump said as well, ” Jones said Wednesday.

“ However he started going after the lies and blocking of option treatments and the attempts to forcibly inject people. And now he’s started coming out and saying, ‘ We’re going to investigate the vaccine makers because these aren’t vaccines, that weren’t approved right and they’ve hurt a bunch of people and we’ve got to reprimand them so they don’t do it again. ‘”

“ So DeSantis has drawn way ahead of Trump with this move, ” he added.

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