January 29, 2023

The particular Constitution Has Already Been Terminated

We allowed ourselves to become seduced by the false siren song of politicians guaranteeing safety in exchange for relinquished freedom.

“ That was whenever they suspended the Constitution. Someone said it would be temporary. ” — Margaret Atwood,   The Handmaid’s Story

If there is one stage on which there should be no politics parsing, no legal jockeying, and no disagreement, it is this particular: for anyone  to advocate terminating or suspending the Constitution   is tantamount to a announcement of war against the founding principles of our representative govt and the rule of legislation.

Nonetheless, one could well make the case that the Constitution has already been terminated after years on life support, given the level to which the safeguards enshrined in the Bill of Rights— adopted 231 years ago as a way of protecting the people towards government overreach and abuse— have been steadily chipped aside at, undermined, eroded, whittled down, and generally thrown away with the support of Our elected representatives, the White House, as well as the courts.

Think about for yourself.

We are in the grip associated with martial law.   We have what the founders terrifying most: a “ standing” or permanent army on American soil. This de facto standing army comprises of weaponized, militarized domestic police forces which look like, gown like, and act like the military; are armed with guns, ammunition and military-style machines; are authorized to make arrests; and are trained in military tactics.

We have been in the government’s crosshairs.   The U. Ersus. government continues to act as determine, jury and executioner over a populace that have been pre-judged plus found guilty, stripped of the rights, and left to suffer at the hands of government brokers trained to respond with the highest degree of violence. Consequently, we have been at the mercy of law enforcement officers who may have almost absolute discretion to determine who is a threat, exactly what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “ serve and protect. ” With alarming regularity, disarmed men, women, children and also pets are being gunned lower by the government’s standing military of militarized police whom shoot first and ask queries later.

We are no longer safe in our homes.   This particular present menace comes from the particular government’s army of bureaucratized, corporatized, militarized SWAT groups who are waging war to the last stronghold left in order to us as a free individuals: the sanctity of our houses.

We now have no real freedom of speech.   We have been moving fast down a slippery slope to an authoritarian society in which the only opinions, ideas and speech expressed are the ones permitted from the government and its corporate cohorts. In more and more cases, the federal government is declaring war on which should be protected political presentation whenever it challenges the particular government’s power, reveals the particular government’s corruption, exposes the particular government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to test their limits against the government’s many injustices. The ramifications are so far-reaching as to render almost every United states who criticizes the government an extremist in word, action, thought or by organization.

We now have no real privacy.   We’re being spied on by a domestic military of government snitches, spies and techno-warriors. This govt of Peeping Toms is definitely watching everything we perform, reading everything we compose, listening to everything we say, and monitoring everything all of us spend. Beware of what you say, what you read, what you compose, where you go, and with whom you communicate, because it is most being recorded, stored, plus catalogued, and will be used against you eventually, at a time and place of the government’s choosing.

We are losing our right to bodily privacy and integrity.   The debate over physical integrity covers broad area, ranging from forced vaccinations, forced cavity searches, forced colonoscopies, forced blood draws and forced breath-alcohol tests in order to forced DNA extractions, pressured eye scans, and forced inclusion in biometric directories: these are just a few ways in which Americans continue to be reminded that we have no real privacy, no genuine presumption of innocence, and no real control over what happens to our bodies during an experience with government officials. The particular groundwork being laid using these mandates is a prologue as to what will become the police state’s conquest of a new, relatively uncharted, frontier: inner space, specifically, the inner workings (genetic, biological, biometric, mental, emotional) of the human race.

We no longer possess a right to private property.   If government agencies can invade your home, pack in your doors, kill your puppy, damage your furnishings plus terrorize your family, your property has ceased to be private and secure— this belongs to the government. Hard-working Americans are having their bank accounts, homes, cars electronics and cash seized by police beneath the assumption that they have allegedly been associated with some criminal system.

We now have no due process.   The groundwork has been laid for a new kind of government where it won’t issue if you’re innocent or responsible, whether you’re a risk to the nation, or even for anyone who is a citizen. What will issue is what the government— or even whoever happens to be calling the particular shots at the time— believes. And if the powers-that-be think you’re a threat to the nation and should be locked up, then you’ll be secured up with no access to the protections our Constitution provides.

We have been no longer presumed innocent.   The burden of proof has been reversed. Now we’re presumed guilty unless we can prove our innocence past a reasonable doubt in a courtroom of law. Rarely, are usually we even given the opportunity to do so. The government has embarked on a diabolical campaign to create a nation of suspects predicated on a massive national GENETICS database. Having already utilized surveillance technology to provide the entire American populace potential suspects, DNA technology in the hands of government coupled with artificial intelligence will finish our transition to a believe society in which we are all merely waiting to be matched up with a crime.

We have lost the right to be anonymous and move about freely.     At every turn, we’re hemmed in by laws, fees and penalties that regulate and restrict our autonomy, and surveillance cameras that monitor our movements. Likewise, digital currency provides the govt and its corporate partners with a mode of commerce that can easily be monitored, tracked, tabulated, mined for information, hacked, hijacked and confiscated when convenient.

We no longer have a government of the people, by people and for the people.   In fact , a study executed by Princeton and Northwestern University concluded that the Oughout. S. government does not signify the majority of American citizens. Instead, the study found that the government can be ruled by the rich and powerful, or the so-called “ economic elite. ” Moreover, the researchers concluded that plans enacted by this government elite nearly always favor specific interests and lobbying groupings. In other words, we are being dominated by an oligarchy hidden as a democracy, and perhaps on our way towards fascism— a form of government where private corporate interests rule, money calls the shots, and the people are seen as mere topics to be controlled.

We have no adults of justice.   The courts were founded to intervene and protect the people against the government as well as agents when they overstep their own bounds. Yet through their deference to police energy, preference for security more than freedom, and evisceration of our most basic rights for the sake of purchase and expediency, the legal courts have become the guardians from the American police state by which we now live. As a result, sound judgment and justice have got largely taken a back again seat to legalism, statism and elitism, while conserving the rights of the people has been deprioritized and made to play second fiddle in order to both governmental and corporate interests.

We have been saddled with a dictator for life.   Key, unchecked presidential powers— obtained through the use of executive orders, decrees, memorandums, proclamations, national safety directives and legislative putting your signature on statements and which can be activated by any sitting president— now enable past, leader and future presidents to work above the law and past the reach of the Metabolic rate.

Unfortunately, we now have done this to ourselves.

We permitted ourselves to be seduced by false siren song associated with politicians promising safety in return for relinquished freedom. All of us placed our trust in politics saviors and failed to ask questions to hold our representatives responsible to abiding by the Cosmetic. We looked the other way and made excuses as the government amassed an amazing quantity of power over us, plus backed up that power-grab using a terrifying amount of military might and weaponry, and got the courts to sanction their actions every step of the method. We chose to let partisan politics divide us and turn us into easy targets for the government’s oppression.

Mind you, the powers-that-be want us to be censored, silenced, muzzled, gagged, zoned out, caged in and shut down. They want our conversation and activities monitored for virtually any sign of “ extremist” activity. They want us to be estranged from each other plus kept at a distance from those who are supposed to represent us. They need taxation without representation. They desire a government without the consent of the governed.

They want the Constitution ended.

“ We” may have contributed to our downfall through our inaction plus gullibility, but we are also the only hope for a free upcoming.

After all, the particular Constitution begins with those three beautiful words, “ We the people. ” Individuals three words were intended as a reminder to future generations that there is no government without having us— our sheer quantities, our muscle, our economic climate, our physical presence in this land.

As I make clear in my book  Battlefield America: The particular War on the American People   and its fictional counterpart  The Erik Blair Diaries , whenever we forget that, when we allow the “ Me” of a self-absorbed, narcissistic, politically polarizing lifestyle to override our social duties as citizens in order to collectively stand up to tyranny and make the government play from the rules of the Constitution, there may be no surprise when tyranny goes up and freedom falls

Remember, there is power in numbers.

There are 332 million people in this country. Imagine what we should could accomplish if we actually worked together, presented the united front, and talked with one voice?

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