February 4, 2023

Zelensky Tapped Top Balenciaga Designer to Oversee Charity Pertaining to Ukraine Refugees

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense deploys witches to cast hexes and curses on Russian troops.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the summer had recruited style brand Balenciaga’s creative director to oversee a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees.

United24, which usually bills itself as a charitable organization aimed at rebuilding Ukraine plus helping refugees, claimed within July that Balenciaga’s artistic director Denma, who only goes by his first title, would become the organization’s “ ambassador. ”

“ Demna, artistic movie director of @BALENCIAGA , is selected as ambassador for #united24 . He will be exclusively dedicated to the Restore Ukraine direction for assisting refugees, ” the charity tweeted, which included a link to its website.

“ The humanitarian Rebuild Ukraine Direction focuses exclusively to the renovation of critical facilities facilities such as roads, links, hospitals and schools to enable refugees to come back to their homes and restart their lifestyles, ” the website states.

This came just before Balenciaga was recently embroiled in scandal over its disturbing ad campaigns overseen by Denma featuring children holding teddy bears in BDSM outfits and a hidden Great Court document overturning a child pornography law.

Balenciaga provides since scrubbed its social networking presence before issuing many apologies.

After weeks of silence, Denma last week issued an apology for incorporating children in a BDSM plus occult-themed Balenciaga ad campaign that erupted in to a full-fledged scandal that finished with former fans burning Balenciaga products in demonstration of its pedophiliac themes.

“ I want to individually apologize for the wrong artistic choice of concept for the giving campaign with the kids and am take my responsibility. It had been inappropriate to have kids advertise objects that had nothing to do with them, ”   the 41-year-old wrote upon Instagram.

“ I apologize to anyone upset by the visuals and Balenciaga has guaranteed that adequate actions will be taken not only to avoid similar mistakes in the future but also to take accountability in safeguarding child welfare in every way we can, ” he determined.

Speaking of occultism, in some bizarre new iteration of asymmetric warfare, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense introduced Monday it had recruited actual witches to cast hexes and curses on Russian soldiers.

Notably, Ukraine has also been leveraging the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, who’ve been captured upon video conducting pagan “ blood plus soil” rituals .

What’s with Ukraine’s ties to the occult?

The creation of the charity is curious given Ukraine already obtained tens of billions of dollars through U. S. taxpayers prop up its war against The ussr and launder money back in order to Democrat campaigns.

Where did all that cash go?

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