Brand new Zealand Parents Who Dropped Custody of Baby with regard to Demanding Unvaxxed Blood Contributor Join Infowars to Expose Healthcare Tyranny

Watch and share this particular groundbreaking interview to help this family and to prevent this tyranny from spreading!

A pair of New Zealand parents are battling their state for control over their infant’s medical procedure as the state lately took guardianship of the kid over a disagreement with the hospital.

Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves, parents of Baby Will, and journalist Liz Gunn   joined The Alex Jones Show Wednesday to expose government-run medical tyranny as they recently lost guardianship of their child for demanding unvaxxed blood donors for an operation the baby needs.

Samantha told the Infowars audience about how the lady was also forced out of her job as a midwife for refusing the vaccine.

Now, regardless of the reality about the potential dangers involved with taking the shots, the family remains being strongarmed by the govt to pump their child with vaccinated blood.

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