January 28, 2023

KJP Storms Out Of Briefing After Being Grilled On Biden Swapping WNBA Star Pertaining to ‘Merchant Of Death’ Hands Dealer

‘Why do Russia get such a much better deal? ‘ asked Fox’s Peter Doocy.

Sibel News reporter Peter Doocy put the Biden administration on notice during a Thursday press conference where he questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about a recently announced prisoner swap with Russia.

The U. S. handed Russia a worldwide arms dealer known as “ the merchant of death” who was convicted of conspiring to kill Americans and received in return WNBA superstar Brittney Griner who was arrested for smuggling marijuana in to Russia.

“ Why did Russia get such a better deal? ” Doocy bluntly asked KJP.

“ Here had been our choices, ” the particular press secretary responded. “ Our choices was Brittney or no one at all. Buying one American or no American at all. ”

Continuing, Doocy stated, “ They gave up a professional athlete. We gave up a legendary arms dealer who was found guilty of trying to kill Americans, who is called the ‘ Reseller of Death. ‘”

“ The professional athlete is also an American resident, ” KJP said as though it had some profound significance.

Afterwards in the press conference, the particular Biden press secretary wound up storming out of the room in frustration with reporters.

The Biden move had been harshly criticized online since people pointed out the hypocrisy that U. S. citizens are still jailed every day for marijuana possession as well as the proven fact that other Americans are still being held prisoner in Russian federation.

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