February 4, 2023

2018 Flashback: Alex Jones Called Out Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Over Censorship At Capitol Hill Hearing

Infowars founder vindicated following trove of insider data published by Elon Musk exposing Twitter’s anti-conservative bias

Over four years before Elon Musk took over Twitter and exposed the company’s collusion with Democrat politicians, government agencies and left-wing groups to silence conservatives on the system, Alex Jones publicly faced then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the biased censorship.

In Sept of 2018, the heads of the Big Tech companies Twitter, Facebook and Google were brought to Capitol Hill to testify about web censorship.

While roaming the halls of the Capitol, Jones tried to confront some of the executives responsible for the banning of himself as well as the Infowars platform.

The previous month, Jones has been deplatformed by YouTube, Fb, Apple and Spotify.

Jones told mainstream media reporters at the Capitol, “ I am here because there is a concerted effort by the Democratic Celebration and multinational corporations plus Big Tech to stop conservative and nationalist plus populist voices ahead of this critical midterm election. ”

He explained that Apple company admitted to meeting with Democrat senators to gameplan the anti-conservative censorship agenda beneath the treat of left-wing politicians federalizing the tech companies if they didn’t go along.

Jones continued, “ I am here to discuss the reality that there is an attempted purge from the First Amendment taking place within this country. ”

See some shows from Jones’ Big Tech trip to Washington below:

Mainstream outlets in 2018 claimed “ misleading reviews ”   brought people to think Twitter had been shadow-banning conservative accounts, plus Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified below oath the practice was not taking place.

After Jones criticized Dorsey in the halls associated with Congress, the triggered tech executive permanently deleted his account with almost 1 million followers.

Now, the people of the globe have access to the internal messages associated with Twitter employees showing collusion with Democrat politicians to silence specific accounts for purely political reasons.

This clearly vindicates Jones and the plethora of others who were warning the world about the anti-First Amendment practices of Big Tech, but will anyone be held accountable for abusing the Constitution?

CHECK THIS to watch the full video of Jones’ 2018 Washington, D. D. trip.

For more information on the bombshell Twitter Files being released by Elon Musk, follow the links to PART ONE & COMPONENT TWO .

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