March 24, 2023

‘Everybody in Arizona Understands Exactly what Happened…They Want Me in which to stay this Fight, ’ Kari Lake Tells Crowder

‘The people are fed up. They showed up within droves on Election Time to vote just as they said they would. And they were punished for voting on Political election Day. ‘

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake joined Louder with Crowder host Stephen Crowder Thursday to discuss how she’s going to continue fighting contrary to the unlawful theft of her election.

Check out highlights from her interview below:

In a “ fact check” by the Rasmussen Reports polling firm Friday, they verified the fact that “ 69% of (National) Democrats don’t have trust in the outcome of the (Arizona) election. ”

Lake gave an update on her fight on Wednesday on the Salem News Channel laying out her case regarding why the election outcomes should be scrutinized and contested by Arizonans.

With the girl Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs sitting as the state’s best election official – plus certifying her own victory in an obvious conflict of interest that she should have recused herself – Lake is definitely waging an uphill battle, using vast numbers of Democrat voters now onboard with questioning the results, it seems Lake remains very much in the fight.

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