February 4, 2023

VIEW: ‘Enormous’ Hordes of Illegitimate Invade America

Illegal migrants now entering Oughout. S. in groups of 700

Unlawful aliens are entering the usa in coordinated groups that continue to grow larger since the Biden regime does small to stem the wave, according to reports.

More than 1, 700 migrant workers swarmed Eagle Pass, TX, in three mass-crossings in the span of around 24 hours this week.

On Thursday, approximately 700 illegal aliens streamed into the region in one of the largest pre-planned entries of the Biden border rush.

“ A massive single group of nearly seven hundred migrants crossed illegally straight into Eagle Pass, TX during the pre dawn hours this morning, almost all of them single adults, ” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reported.

“ Various busloads of migrants had been transported away by Boundary Patrol by the time our team got on scene. ”

On Friday, a thousand more illegals flocked to the same region in two, simultaneous incursions.

“ Approximately 1, 1000 migrants just crossed unlawfully into the Eagle Pass, TX area in two individual, huge groups at the very same time, ” Melugin documented alongside photographs of drone footage.

“ One group close to 650 in size, the second team about 350 in size. Group of 700 crossed here the other day. Massive numbers there. ”

During the same stretch, Melugin shared a variety of photos and videos of additional smuggling attempts, unlawful entries, and busts that will unfolded across Texas.

Several illegal aliens were found hiding within various compartments of a big rig in Hebronville, TX.

Another group of illegals has been apprehended by TxDPS troopers in a residential neighborhood within La Joya.

Illegal aliens bailed out of a car during a pursuit into a neighborhood in Penitas, TX.

Turmoil unfolds constantly along the  Texas-Mexico border , as Infowars  frequently reports .

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