January 29, 2023

Evidence Indicates Biden Admin Prioritized WNBA’s Griner Over Ocean Paul Whelan, Despite Declaring Otherwise

On stealth edited report and comments from Marine’s family and lawyer indicates that Russia provided both as an option.

On Thursday morning, the Biden Management announced that WNBA player Brittney Griner had been freed from a Russian prison in exchange for Viktor Bout, a notorious Ruskies arms dealer who was known to western intelligence agencies as the “ merchant of loss of life. ”

The appearing lopsided trade was made worse by the reality that United states citizen Paul Whelan, exactly who served in the U. S i9000. Marine Corps, was left out in Russia.

For several months, the Biden Administration had been publicly indicating their intent to try to safe the release of both Griner and Whelan in exchange intended for Mr. Bout, before announcing Thursday that they had guaranteed Griner in a one to one exchange.

Did the Biden Administration choose Griner over Whelan?

Although Biden officials, and the president themself, have denied that was the situation, several pieces of evidence appear to indicate that Griner was indeed prioritized over Whelan, and that Moscow allowed the particular Biden Administration to choose either individual for the one to one particular swap.

The corporate media, citing senior Biden Admin officials, have delivered clues about the prisoner swap options. NBC News, a known regurgitator of state propaganda, stealth edited its story in regards to the decision to choose Brittany Griner over Paul Whelan. With regard to reasons unknown, NBC News, citing a senior U. S. official, changed the entire narrative about the captive exchange.

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