January 28, 2023

Watch: Russian Media Laughs In US Government’s Woke Industry For Griner Instead Of Whelan

The prisoner swap was more than just foolish political gamesmanship, it was also an embarrassment for the US as a whole.

While the Biden Administration does not represent half the country (some might argue much more than half) when it comes to principles, values, morals, intelligence, bravery, common sense, etc ., it sadly does represent all of us when it comes to the world stage and geopolitics.  

Millions of Americans are completely aware that the Brittney Griner prisoner swap for international arms dealer Viktor Bout is a bad trade, and that US Marine Paul Whelan, now imprisoned in Russia for two years, should have already been included in the deal.

We all know that Biden’s agenda for this trade was based on winning woke factors with his far-left base (and part of some unspoken set up with Saudi Arabia plus UAE), but  the prisoner swap is more than simply foolish political gamesmanship, additionally it is an embarrassment for the US as a whole.

The Russian media appreciates (and laughs) about the deeper meaning behind the business and it’s hard to disagree using them when they argue that it represents a display of internal ideological weakness.

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