January 29, 2023

Wonderful: Woke NY Times Workers Hold Strike Against Starting Office THREE Days 7 days, Unfair Pay

Fox News was relating to the scene outside New York Repetitions headquarters interviewing workers concerning strike protesting against income and the end of remote pc help work.

Woke New York Durations staff members bought Fox Reports some unbelievable soundbites this week as they protested against unfair wages and then a possible return to the office at a minimum three days a week.

As reported by Fox News host Jesse Watters Thursday:

More than 1, 000 New York Times workers stormed out of the generating today striking against what they call insulting and disrespectful contract negotiations.

Workers want more cash. Not less than a 10% bump for pay to keep up with what they call up “ Putin’s price rise. ” Which is strange since its products the same people who told us all we don’t have to worry about pumpiing. Also the same people that the Biden economy “ cultural. ” Said it was “ surging. ” The economy was good for the bosses in the Times . The paper added several subscribers handing out big deposit bonuses to top brass. At this moment, the workers want them to share the wealth.

But the greedy executives around the New York Periods say remorseful, peasant, that money is certainly mine. The Times , swimming on profits, is stiffing their own reporters right before Christmas. The exact New York Moments hasn’t granted their workers a raise on two years. This is the same firm that savages corporate The usa for not raising salaries. In addition to writes editorial after content demanding we raise the the minimum wage now. But , Paul Biden’s economy, New York Times writers are losing money. And the New York Years , they don’t care.

Check out Watters’ World’s interviews with Times staffers, and a bonus “ gotcha” question snuck for at the end of their report.

Scenario, Twitter owner Elon Spray accused this Times earlier this week of being a lobbying business rather than a serious news corporation after it failed to go over in any depth  the revelations  that Tweet engaged in mass censorship, notably with regards to the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco.

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