February 6, 2023

Beam Epps Confessed To Jan. 6 Committee He ‘Orchestrated’ Attack On Capitol

Suspected Jan. sixth instigator texted his nephew on the day of the riot in order to brag that he arranged the Capitol breach

In the newly released transcript of January 6th provocateur Beam Epps being questioned by House Select Committee, the particular suspected undercover government surgical confessed that he “ orchestrated” the riot.

In the screenshot below, the Jan. 6 Panel asks Epps about a text he sent to his nephew where Epps wrote, “ I was in the front using a few others. I also orchestrated it . ”

When questioned what he meant when he told his nephew he “ orchestrated” the particular January 6th Capitol break-in, he claimed he just “ helped people arrive. ”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) responded to the Epps admission upon Twitter, writing, “ Primary, Ray Epps should be in jail. Number two, those people members of Congress really should not be seated and should face serious ethics charges for abuse of power. Number 3, they should have to pay for all the attorney fees for the people they will politically persecuted. ”

Naturally , Infowars and other alternative media outlets have documented it of Epps being called a “ fed” by chanting Trump supporters the afternoon before January 6th as well as footage of him directing protesters to enter the Capitol building and ram police with barricades.

Here’s Epps claiming the “ Capitol is the enemy” while arguing with individuals to break into the Capitol:

Here’s Epps assisting coordinate the initial breach from the Capitol barricades and taking part in clashes with police on the Capitol steps:

Read the full transcript of the Epps interview beneath:


See previous Infowars coverage of the Ray Epps saga below:

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