January 29, 2023

‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Quiet on Passing of Pro-Life Pope Benedict XVI

Puppet president only Catholic when it’s politically expedient.

Self-described “ devout Catholic” Joe Biden has so far been silent on the passing of former Pope Benedict XVI, who died earlier Saturday morning in the Vatican.

The Biden regime played the “ devout Catholic” talking point when discussing his pro-abortion stance.

“ I will just take the opportunity to help remind all of you that he is a passionate Catholic and somebody who attends church regularly, ” said former press admin Jen Psaki in Jan. 2021.

Amazing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), who has also referred to herself as a “ passionate Catholic, ” offered a statement on the former pontiff’s death just moments ago.

Pelosi had repeatedly referred to herself as a “ sincere Catholic” who grew up in a “ pro-life family” while defending her pro-abortion position.

Biden got received the ire of numerous bishops over his stance on “ abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender. ”

Pope Benedict XVI, who offered eight years as the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church, was the first pontiff in 600 years in order to resign from his write-up.

Meanwhile, Biden is currently vacationing in the Oughout. S. Virgin Island of Saint Croix.

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