February 1, 2023

Tx Supreme Court Rules AGAINST Father Seeking to Prevent ‘Chemical Castration’ of His Son Via Gender-Bending Hormones

“The Great Court of Texas denied my Mandamus, effectively terminating my parental rights. The children are now subject to becoming chemically castrated in Ca. Texas is an empire of child abuse, led simply by Texas judges, ” says Jeff Younger.

The Texas Supreme Courtroom ruled against a father who petitioned to prevent their ex-wife from taking his 7-year-old son to Ca for hormone treatments that will amount to “ chemical castration. ”

“ The Supreme Court of Texas denied the Mandamus, effectively terminating the parental rights. My children are now subject to being chemically castrated in California. Texas is an empire of kid abuse, led by Texas judges, ” Younger messaged on Saturday.

Younger acquired for years been trying to prevent his son James from being subjected to “ sex affirming” treatments advocated by ex-wife Dr . Anne Georgulas.

While in Georgulas’ care, James is dealt with as a girl named Luna.

Younger explained in his request that he feared his son “ will be subjected to transgender procedures deemed to be child abuse simply by official opinion of the Tx Attorney General. ”

“ The Children would certainly lose the protections of injunctions on the Mother that will prevent her from chemically castrating the Children or physically mutilating them in transgender surgeries, ” he published.

This uses California passed   Senate Bill 107 ,   which will “ prohibit the enforcement of the order based on another california’s law authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on that mother or father or guardian allowing the youngster to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care. ”

In other words, once in California, Jeff can not prevent his son from undergoing irreversible gender treatments.

A Tx judge initially ruled within October that James might be taken to California for gender transition procedures. Younger submitted the petition of the case to the Supreme Court on December 16.

Younger became a high-profile advocate for parental rights amid his years-long court battle with Georgulas.

In March, revolutionary leftists turn off his speaking event at the University of North Texas explaining the scientific binary reality of gender and its subversion with the woke transgender movement.

In 2021, Youthful urged Texas Republicans to legislation banning gender surgeries on minors.

So far 9 states are trying to find to ban gender surgical procedures going into 2023, including Tx, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, plus South Carolina.

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