February 1, 2023

View: Has Tucker Carlson Become Alex Jones?

Colleagues joked Fox News host had become conspiracy theory theorist for investigating cattle mutilations and UFOs.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson compared himself to Alex Jones when discussing their show’s documentary pursuit of outrageous news stories like UFOs and cattle mutilations.

“ That it is all real, actually. It is. And I don’t know what to say, and my producers mocked me, ” Carlson mentioned during an appearance on “ Gutfeld! ” last month.

“ I said, I want to make a move on cattle mutilations. And gives me this look, like ‘ Settle down, Alex Jones! Most likely going too far, ‘” this individual said, adding his producer returned from the documentary take a believer in the unrealistic occurrences.

“ He goes out there and spends months onto it, and he comes back and he is got this kind of shocked seem, he goes, ‘ Wow, it’s real. It’s a hundred percent real. ‘”

“ Nobody knows what it is, ” Carlson noted, “ I never believed in anything like this. I actually believed the Warren Commission five years ago. That’s how foolish I was. ”

Carlson went on to lay out how the military has begun to recognize and track underwater build that appears to defy the particular laws of physics.

“ There’s a lot of exercise undersea, under the ocean, ” he said. “ And it’s really been documented on video clip and by sonar of objects, some kind of craft, moving at over 100 knots below water with no visible way of propulsion, so defying physics. ”

Carlson’s “ Cattle Mutilations” documented premiered last August on Fox Nation as part of his “ Tucker Carlson Originals” series.

This particular comes a month after Carlson praised Alex Jones regarding his and Infowars’ precise reports about government censorship and information control.

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