February 1, 2023

Watch: Retired Nurse Reanalyzes mRNA Vaccine Trial Data — Finds 1 in 800 Shots Resulted in Serious Adverse Events

Meanwhile, the Swine flu vaccine (1976) was pulled from the market after 1 serious event per hundred, 000 vaccines.

Dr . Sara Campbell, a retired nurse out of England, breaks down openly available COVID vaccine clinical trial data from Pfizer and Moderna to reveal that despite the much higher rate of adverse reactions, the COVID-19 vaccine is still being marketed by the medical establishment.

Meanwhile, the particular Swine flue vaccine was halted in 1976 right after only 1 in 100, 500 serious adverse events.

And the Rotavirus vaccine called Rotashield was taken in 1999 after data found 1 to 2 serious events for each 10, 000 vaccines.

So why is the experimental COVID-19 mRNA shot nevertheless being touted by the organization as safe and effective when the widely available data clearly shows that’s not the case?

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