January 29, 2023

Check out: Jimmy John’s Founder Slams Deep State Weaponization In Courts & Gov. Organizations

‘Look what they did for you to President Trump, ‘ says Jimmy John Liautaud.

The founder for the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain slammed the Deep Condition while speaking with Breitbart Media to Turning Point USA’s annual AmericaFest conference in Phoenix, Phoenix, last week.

Jimmy John Liautaud advised Breitbart ‘ s Alana Mastrangelo about being canceled by liberal mob in 2014 over his hunting images, the dangers of social media, your Deep State takeover involving America and more.

“ They weaponized your federal courts, the IRS . GOV, CIA and the FBI. Totally weaponized it, ” he or she explained. “ And look what they did to President Trump. Similar to him or not, what they did in order to him was horrific! ”

Meanwhile, he or she noted, the establishment experienced dirt on Biden and additionally intentionally hid it from the public while claiming it absolutely was disinformation.

Liautaud did profess optimism for the future of the country, saying, “ We’re not giving up… It’s gonna start with, coming from gotta have voter ID and we’ve gotta possess term limits. ”

The Jimmy John’s founder also criticized terminate culture and social media, saying kids be banned by using social media apps until these are a certain age just like liquor and cigarettes.

See the full conversation down the page:

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