January 28, 2023

Double-Jabbed Clinical Psychologist Calls for Total Suspension of the Covid Jabs Due to Clear Evidence of Harm

Dr . Silje Schevig admits she received two jabs after trusting reassurances of governments, however jabs have since been shown to be ineffective and even dangerous.

A Norwegian clinical psychologist who admittedly obtained two Covid jabs offers disavowed the vaccines and it is calling for unity in between unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals, who she says were motivated by fear and false reassurances the vaccines were safe and effective.

In a video information wishing for kindness in between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers within the new year, Dr . Silje Schevig admits she received two jabs after trusting the reassurances of federal government governments, however the jabs have since been shown by Dr . Aseem Malhotra and others to be ineffective.

“ I am deeply concerned in addition people have been ostracized for being unvaccinated the past three years. People have experienced discrimination, threats, and even exclusion from their professional lives.

“ I was one of those which genuinely believed our government authorities when they claimed that these mRNA vaccines were safe and effective. I actually expected these vaccines to become like traditional ones. Therefore i took two jabs.

“ But even though this was real I’ve been against vaccine requires from the beginning. No one should have their own freedom taken away based on exactly what medical products they decide to take. Everyone should decide more than their own body. However , political figures were under a lot of stress by the WHO who called for urgent and aggressive action. So unsurprisingly our political figures took it upon them selves to be authoritarian and intense which caused a lot of bitterness.

“ Even though these vaccines do not reduce transmission, the President of France Emmanuel Macron vowed to make lifestyle miserable for the vaccine-refusers.

“ We were reassured that these vaccines were safe and effective, however this was only concluded based on the shot company’s own conclusions and the studies were not peer-reviewed because they didn’t want to show the raw data.

“ Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra has critically analyzed the data. Re-analysis of the randomized control trials suggest greater risk of serious adverse events from your vaccines than being hospitalized from Covid. This analysis has been peer-reviewed and released in a medical journal not really funded by the drug market.

“ Based on this new information these vaccines needs to be suspended. We should learn from this particular experience and put bitterness plus animosity aside and show regard for each other’s views mainly because in the heat of the debate individuals fell victim to fear, with good reason.

“ Panic is a powerful motivator and the interest of self-preservation people respond by moving away from this particular comfort and towards their comfort zones.

“ We therefore encourage everyone to show kindness, understanding, and regard each other in the new season of 2023. And apart from we are stronger together in spite of our previous disagreements. Content New Year. ”

Doctor Schevig responded to her movie being shared by Dr . Malhotra Thursday, clarifying, “ Thank you for sharing @DrAseemMalhotra , but We never said that ‘ We’ve all been fooled. ‘”

“ I think refusing to take the vaccine was understandable and have already been advocating medical freedom and been [against] all type of discrimination based on vaccine status since the beginning. ”

She later looked after Dr . Malhotra against the “ antivaxxer” label.

Dr . Malhotra, who himself received two Covid jabs, turned out against them last year following the sudden cardiac death of his or else “ extremely fit and active” father in This summer.

Malhotra has since argued the particular experimental mRNA jabs needs to be suspended indefinitely due to findings in a study debunking the “ pandemic of misinformation on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines” using real-world evidence.

Published in the  Journal of Insulin Resistance , Dr . Mahotra’s two-part paper, which he says is “ perhaps the most significant work of my career so far, ” and “ has implications for every person on the planet, ” reveals how the medical establishment misled the general public on the safety, efficacy and necessity of the mRNA vaccines and then failed to inform the public of their sometimes fatal negative effects.

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