January 28, 2023

Amount of US Kids Who Unintentionally Ate Pot-Laced Products Reaches New High

Cases of children accidentally eating pot­-laced products, including sweets, chocolate, chips and cookies, coincided with more US claims authorizing medical and recreational marijuana use

The number of small children in the US who accidentally ate marijuana-laced treats increased drastically between 2017 plus 2021, a new study has revealed.

Within this period, there were more than  7, 040  exposures to  edible cannabis  in children under age 6, including some toddlers, according to an analysis of records from the National Poison Information System.

Recent years have seen more US claims authorize the use of marijuana for medical or recreational reasons. Medics say the fact that marijuana can be infused into chocolate bars, gummy candies, cookies, chips and juices ought to prompt parents be more aware in keeping kids from consuming it.

The particular survey found that within 2017, there were  207  reported cases of accidental edible cannabis exposure amongst young children, while by 2021, there were  3, 054  such cases.

Almost a quarter of these children wound up hospitalized, some seriously ill, the study said, including that symptoms include heart disease, confusion, vomiting and problems breathing.

Marit Tweet, a medical toxicologist with the Southern Illinois School of Medicine who brought the study, called for greater vigilance by parents and for a lot more laws to be passed in order to make  pot products  less appealing and accessible to children.

“ When it’s in a candy type or cookies, people don’t think of it in the same way as household chemicals or other things a child could get into. But people should really be thinking of it as a medication, ” she was cited by a US media outlet as stating.

Tweet was echoed by study co-author Antonia Nemanich, who said, “ My stance is it is not a problem that these products are legalized, but the is actually that they’re not packaged the way drugs or medications are packaged. We have a lot of safeguards in place for that. ”

The cases of youngsters accidentally eating pot­ -laced products, including candies, dark chocolate, chips and cookies, coincided with more US states authorizing medical and recreational marijuana use.

Right now,   using cannabis for medical purposes  is legal in  37  states, while  21  states have legalized the recreational use of the drug.

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