January 28, 2023

GOP Sours On Kevin: McCarthy Loss Deepens As Jim Jordan Picks Up Steam

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has failed to secure sufficient votes to become Speaker of the home over two rounds, the first time since 1923.

Update (1455ET):   Kevin McCarthy provides lost  the second tally with regard to Speaker of the House.

Of notice, when this happened in 1923,   this went to nine ballots .

And look who’s gaining steam…

Update (1310ET):   Not really a quarter of the way by means of roll call, and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has  failed to secure enough votes to become Speaker of the House   – which will push the contest into a multiple-ballot vote.

Based on the  Washington Write-up ‘ s John Kane, the last time this happened was  1923 .

Exactly what is next? As  Politico   reports:

After McCarthy fails to get 218 votes to the first ballot, the Freedom Caucus antagonists have signaled that they will start backing an additional yet-unnamed candidate on the 2nd ballot. The Daily Beast  reported Monday night time   that that individual is Ohio Rep.   JIM JORDAN , the longtime McCarthy critic-turned-ally.

The Ohio Conservative, however , has no shot in being speaker   — something that his devoted conservative colleagues know perfectly. But , per the Every day Beast story, that’s not the idea: They’re hoping to peel off a lot more Republicans to back Michael jordan, aiming to have McCarthy’s election count decrease from the initial ballot to the second.

It’s an open question how long today will go   until someone nominates a viable candidate for the gavel — someone like  STEVE SCALISE   (R-La. ) or  MEAT McHENRY  (R-N. C. ). And there’s a fright that if one of these member’s titles is called too early in the process, the particular conference will turn on them.

Buckle up. It’s going to a long day.  

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave a Tuesday morning speech imploring fellow Republicans  to elect him as Speaker of the home , as several notable members of the GOP possess openly opposed McCarthy.

According to  Axios , McCarthy has given hardliners nearly everything they’ve asked for, however  he still hasn’t  secured enough votes   for the position , meaning that initially in 100 years, the House will probably hold multiple ballots for that speaker.

In the Tuesday speech, McCarthy listed all the concessions he’s made to the right, and pointed out that Representative. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) acknowledged elements of his rules package deal.   Gaetz, particularly, has spearheaded the  anti-McCarthy movement  within the chamber.

I’ve earned this particular job, ” said McCarthy, after running by means of everything he’s done to become speaker – to which Representative. Chip Roy (R-TX) reportedly  shook his head , according to  Punchbowl News’  Mike Sherman.

This is bullshit , ” said Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in response to McCarthy’s speech.

In December, Gaetz said he wouldn’t election for McCarthy because your dog is “ just a shill of the establishment. ”

McCarthy also got into an argument with Rep. Perry, who accused McCarthy of having no track record on spending bills.

McCarthy’s followers chime in:

In addition to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), McCarthy has the support associated with neocon Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) , who has called McCarthy’s detractors “ enemies” and “ narcissists. ”

These are enemies now. They have managed to get clear that they prefer a Democrat agenda than a Republican , ” Crenshaw told  CNN ‘ s Manu Raju.

“ This handful of people is very clearly looking for notoriety over principle. That’s what it is. And anyone who suggests in a different way is in some kind of make believe fantasy reality. It’s not, a possibility true, ” he continuing, adding “ They dropped those debates. ”

“ That should have already been the end of it because which is how a team works, correct? But if you’re a narcissist, … then you’ll keep going. And you should threaten to tear down the particular team for the benefit of the Democrats just because of your own feeling of self importance. ”

Another McCarthy supporter, Paul Rogers (R-AL), said the GOP should bar McCarthy dissenters from getting committee slots – an idea Nick Roy didn’t like.  

Here’s Roy in December explaining the situation;

According to  Axios , this could turn into a war of attrition in which “[a] significant amount of pro-McCarthy House Conservatives are hoping some of the holdouts are bluffing and looking for a show — and will ultimately get worn down enough along the way to cave for McCarthy. ”

The likely candidate to change McCarthy, in the unlikely occasion he pulls out, is definitely Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) , who said this individual won’t run against McCarthy but has been quietly preparing for this scenario.

Keep in mind that look like McCarthy is too worried…

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