January 29, 2023

Greater london Mayor Sadiq Khan Desires PoCs to Be On The Lookout For Sexist White Men Harassing Women in the Streets

London Mayor Sadiq Khan recognized the New Year by sharing a PSA featuring a belligerent white man harassing an blameless woman in front of his outraged PoC friends. The PSA was released as part of Khan’ ersus “ Have a Word” marketing campaign that’ s ostensibly targeted at “ tackling violence towards women and girls. ” Guys: in 2023, make it a […]#@@#@!!

Greater london Mayor Sadiq Khan celebrated the New Year by sharing the PSA featuring a belligerent white man harassing an innocent woman in front of his furious PoC friends.

The PSA was launched as part of Khan’s “ Possess a Word” campaign that’s ostensibly aimed at “ tackling assault against women and girls. ”

The particular ad features a white guy named “ Lee” hitting on a woman and throwing a bag of chips at her. His black friend “ Jacob, ” a witness to the connection, is seen struggling internally together with his emotions and telling themself in a bathroom mirror within private that he needs to “ say something” to keep m’lady safe.  

After Jacob snaps back to the present moment, he talks out and scolds Lee, telling him: “ What are you doing?! That’s enough! ”

Shelter backs down after Jacob’s heroic verbal lashing plus agrees to walk away.  

“ Male violence against women and girls can start with words, ” the narrator says. “ But it doesn’t stop there. ”

“ If you see it happening, ” the narrator says because footage of the female victim crying is played, “ have a word with yourself, then your mates. ”  

Khan’s  website   furthermore features a white man with blue eyes staring at themselves in the mirror along with the textual content, “ Have a word along with yourself, then your mates”:

“ In this country – and in our city – we currently face a good epidemic of violence against women and girls, ” Khan’s site says. “ In the UK, a violent man eliminates a woman every three days. We can change this. We need to change this. And as guys, it starts by highlighting on our own behaviour as well as the way we see, treat and talk about women. We all have a responsibility to raise our own voices to help keep women and women safe. ”

Khan insists the increased crime rates are due to men being “ sexist, ” “ objectifying women” and “ using derogatory remarks” — rather than  London’s demographic transformation.

The UK has a massive issue with Pakistani rape gangs   that  police turned a blind attention to in the name of “ anti-racism”   but Khan is not interested in discussing that will.  

Instead, Khan wants to blame white males for all the city’s problems.  

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