February 4, 2023

Cardiologist Dr . McCullough On Damar Hamlin: ‘Leading Concern The following is Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis’

‘The FDA says the vaccines cause myocarditis and heart damage, ‘ the doctor added.

Showing up on Fox News ‘ “ Tucker Carlson Tonight, ” Dr . Peter McCullough talked about the tragic on-field fall of NFL player Damar Hamlin and the potential influence of the COVID-19 shot.

During Tuesday’s broadcast, the top cardiologist described top athletes like Hamlin are regularly screened to get underlying heart issues.

He continued to say that after watching the play that took place just moments before Hamlin flattened, “ it looked like a primary cardiac arrest. ”

Dr . McCullough commended the work of the medical staff tending to Hamlin at the field and optimistically suggested Hamlin “ can have nerve recovery” thanks to their help.

Getting to what may have caused the occurrence, Dr . McCullough noted the best concern is “ vaccine-induced myocarditis, if indeed he’s taken the vaccine. ”

He furthermore said the doctors focusing on Hamlin “ have a general public health obligation to tell us if he’s taken the particular vaccine. ”

Later, Dr . McCullough told Tucker, “ The FDA says the vaccines result in myocarditis and heart harm. Autopsy studies show it can be and it is fatal. The same is true regarding blood clots and neurologic damage. Our agencies must be protecting the health of Americans and safety is job one particular. I’m disappointed that they’re lessening it. ”

On Twitter, Dr . McCullough posted an image from a recent paper showing a sharp embrace deadly cardiac arrests in athletes since January 2021.

Time can tell what the official term from doctors is concerning this tragic story.

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