February 1, 2023

Conservative Jewish Coalition Head Slams GOP ‘Infidels’ Voting Versus McCarthy, Threatens ‘Consequences’

Republican Jewish Parti CEO Matt Brooks is furious with the GOP “ infidels” who voted in opposition to Kevin McCarthy for Presenter of the House and is threatening them with “ consequences. ”   On Tuesday,   34 Republicans voted against creating McCarthy the next speaker  around three separate roll telephone calls.   “ When lots of the dust settles I hope often the infidels pay a real rates for […]#@@#@!!

Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks is furious with the GOP “ infidels” who voted against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the home and is threatening them with “ consequences. ”  

On The following thursday,   20 Conservatives voted against making McCarthy the next speaker   over three separate sprain calls.  

“ When all the dust off settles I hope the infidels pay a real prices those chaos and problems they’re causing, ” Brooks mentioned on Twitter. “ Steps should have consequences. ”  

In the Twitter timeline, Brooks as well retweeted JTA reporter Ron Kampeas quote-tweeting him as well as writing: “ Unsparing fury from an influential Republican (and one who is influential using donors. )”

Brooks has as his particular header image on Forums a picture of himself as one with  the delayed GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson   ( his Israeli-born wife Miriam now wields his wad of cash ).

Perhaps surprisingly, it just so happens that will Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz — who is leading your charge against McCarthy —   accused this Israeli government of being driving the $25 million extortion plot   that  targeted him fantastic father in 2021 .

The head of the RJC has become calling him an “ infidel” and threatening the dog with “ consequences. ”  

Rep. Dan Crenshaw joined Creeks by labeling the GOP “ infidels” as domestic “ enemies. ”  

“ They’ve been enemies now, ” Crenshaw said. “ They have lasted clear they prefer a Liberal agenda rather than a Republican solitary. ”

While Crenshaw himself typifies, the exact Republican agenda is the Democratic agenda of ten years ago. They support gay marriage, LGBTism, red flag laws, mass immigration, “ anti-racist” libtardism, globalism and so on.

Their refusal to represent your interests of their base is  the reason they botched the midterms . As opposed to provide the American people with any concessions following their embarrassing performance, the GOP institution doubled down by re-nominating McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel to lead the party.  

I applaud Gaetz and the other “ infidels” for standing up against most of these sellouts.  

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