January 27, 2023

Dan Crenshaw Calls 20 Republicans Who Refuse to Support McCarthy ‘Terrorists’

‘Eyepatch McCain’ comes through with another cringeworthy get as Republicans debate that should become Speaker of the home.

Rep. Lalu Crenshaw (R-Texas) referred to their Republican colleagues opposed to Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House as “ terrorists” on Wednesday amid McCarthy failing the sixth round of voting.

Crenshaw joined the particular “ Guy Benson Show” to admonish the twenty Republican House members who have refused to support McCarthy’s nomination for Speaker.

“ We cannot let the terrorists win, ” he or she said.

This comes a day right after Crenshaw railed against the same 20 Republicans on Tuesday after adjourning the House with out voting in a Speaker.

“ If you’re a narcissist and you believe your own opinion is so much more important than anyone else’s, then you definitely keep going. And you’ll threaten to tear down the team for it for the benefit of the Democrats just for your own sense of self-importance. That’s exactly can be happening here, ” Crenshaw told CNN’s Manu Raju.

Crenshaw, known by detractors as “ Eyepatch McCain ” for his tendency to side with the establishment on most issues, also aired his grievances against the dissenting 20 Republicans on “ Fox & Buddies. ”

“ It makes us look foolish. If I didn’t know much better, it’s like the Democrats compensated these people off … ‘ Let’s make it look like the particular Republicans can’t govern , nor deserve any gavels, ‘” Crenshaw opined.

Another day of voting resumes on Thursday, where McCarthy will have to secure 218 votes to secure his posting as Speaker.

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