February 1, 2023

Immense ‘Pfizer Files’ Thread Revealing Big Pharma Corruption Should go Viral

From billions of dollars in settlements in order to illegally paying off medical professionals, Huge Pharma fraud is uncontrolled

Correspondent Kanekoa The Great posted an epic thread at Twitter Tuesday exposing your corrupt pharmaceutical company Pfizer as an untrustworthy and dangerous corporation.

The independent journalist developed the post by basic steps, “ Pfizer has constantly engaged in illegal and damaged marketing practices, bribed medical professionals, & suppressed adverse sample results. This is no secret, but this fact continues to be brushed under the rug by political figures & the media. ”

Presenting proof of the accusations, Kanekoa started with links displaying Pfizer paid $200 trillion in a 1994 settlement fit with and that the company was responsible for the deaths of eleven Nigerian children who took element in an experimental drug test.

In another story related to playing on Nigerians, Pfizer had been accused of using children for the reason that guinea pigs and violating the Nuremberg Code, but the case was dismissed.

Eventually, the Nigerian government got involved in addition to sued Pfizer for $7 billion for “ implementing illegal trials” that “ killed or disabled little ones. ”

That lawsuit seemed to be dropped, but only following your Nigerian Attorney General has been allegedly blackmailed by appointed goons of the pharma large.

WikiLeaks files show the company hired private investigators to dig up dirt in the attorney general to be used from the blackmail plot.

Pfizer paid for another $49 million deal in 2002 for overcharging customers and in 2008, the organization manipulated studies for its advantage.

In 2009, a $750 mil settlement was agreed upon right after 63 people died from the Pfizer drug called Rezulin.

In what was the largest medical fraud settlement in history, Pfizer was fined $2. the 3 billion by the Justice Section for paying off doctors and illegally promoting several of their drugs.

Even CNN ‘ s Anderson Cooper asked at the time, “ As long as Pfizer is too big to fail and even the biggest fine ever is just a few months’ income, then what’s going to stop it from unlawfully promoting other drugs? ”

In 2010, Pfizer was snagged illegally selling and online marketing another drug, violating the exact RICO act and pricing $142 million.

The company was also sued and also fined by the SEC $60 million for illegally bribing thousands of doctors and experts around the world.

A new 2012 lawsuit cost the organization another $1. 2 billion and revealed it did not acknowledge the risk of breast cancer associated with its drug Prempro.

Illegally promoting p Protonix cost the business $839 million from 2012-2016.

Kanekoa published, “ In 2013, Pfizer paid $273 million to stay claims by over 2k people that its drug, Chantix, caused suicidal thoughts and intense psychological disorders. ”

Continuing, the Facebook thread pointed out mRNA inventor Dr . Robert Malone was first kicked off Twitter with posting a video exposing Pfizer’s weak COVID-19 “ vaccine” clinical trials.

The group Dr . Malone mentioned alleged the vast majority of individuals writing reports on Pfizer products and solutions had conflicts of interest as they’d been employed by or bribed by the company.

The actual also shows Pfizer’s 6-month report admitted there was an increase in all-cause illnesses in people of the jab with a massive 300% increase in adverse procedures from the shot.

The six-month report even showed even more people died from the vaccinated group than the placebo individual!

In fact , among the 1, 131 children who took part in Pfizer’s clinical trial developed paralysis and a neurological disorder according to the shot.

Another person who tried to articulate out against Pfizer’s falsifying of data was fired with regards to daring to report the businesses wrongdoings.

Later, Kanekoa pointed out pharmaceutical company ads accounted for 73% of ads on television within 2020 with Pfizer paying $2 billion on adverts in 2021.

The revolving door between Big Pharma as well as the government was also focused on from the thread, with 9 out of 10 FDA commissioners involving 2006 and 2019 going on to work at pharmaceutical companies.

Concluding the thread, often the independent journalist thanked Elon Musk for allowing your pet to question the “ integrity, safety, and efficacy” of the Covid jabs relating to Twitter while the rest of the organization has cracked down on most of criticisms of the experimental engineering.

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